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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 91 Absolution Necromancer3.22.ruthless

Life: 3,078142%
ES: 19
Mana: 33
Resistances: 13%/13%/13%/-22%
Block: 62%
Spell Block: 74%
Armour: 6,190
DPS: 313,185
Speed: 3.37
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: Pinnacle
Bandit: Kill All


Twig Spirit Shield
Jade Amulet
Cobalt JewelCobalt JewelCobalt Jewel


Vaal Absolution
Physical to Lightning
Minion Damage
Spell Echo
Lightning Penetration
Divine Blessing
Tempest Shield
Defiance Banner
Summon Carrion Golem
Feeding Frenzy
Bone Offering
Raise Spectre
Raise Zombie
Elemental Army
Minion Life
Summon Raging Spirit
Minion Damage
Added Lightning Damage

Tree Preview

Eldritch BatteryEldritch Battery
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
Mana MasteryMana Mastery
  • 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Minion Offence MasteryMinion Offence Mastery
  • Minions have 30% increased Area of Effect
  • Minions Penetrate 8% of Cursed Enemies' Elemental Resistances
  • 20% increased effect of Offerings
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • Auras from your Skills have 10% increased Effect on you
Shield MasteryShield Mastery
  • +1% Chance to Block Attack Damage per 5% Chance to Block on Equipped Shield


Hello Dear Reader , this is a setup oriented to reach 68 or maps the most smoothly possible:

TlDR of Ruthless Mode : The Ruthless is a veteran mode for people who seek a challenge via less Playerpower ( gear , ascendancy , link )
That mean you have to solve any defensive issues with Tree (Elemental Resistance/Life) because you will have longer fight again Boss and dying isn't an option (give health back to boss)

Necromancer Ascendancy is one of the most usefull for a League Starter thank to "Commander of Darkness"  with a +30% all Elemental resistances to you & your Minions.   Free guard skill 
Bone Offering + Mistress of Sacrifice for cap block

              Kill Them all : 2 Point can open a cluster or an extra jewel for more damage/ life etc

Muling : Do Tidal Island quest with both of them
1_Marauder(4) : Start Ground Slam Lvl 4 -> Molten Shell  (roah quest reward)
2_Templar mule if WItch Main(12) : Start Rolling Magma , take Holy Flame Totem , Vitality , Absolution (Merveil Cavern Reward)

All Active gem use during Campaign after Muling : (end-game setup in skills)
Raise Zombie
Summon Raging Spirit
Holy Flame Totem
Molten Shell
Clarity (stop it at gem level 8-10 more isn't necessary until you have mana issue )
Flesh Offering
Desecrate (Level 1 - no Gem up) (If you start a templar Main stop at this step with your Mule Witch)
Raise Spectre (Witch Gravicius Reward)
Summon Carrion Golem "softcore" - Summon Stone Golem "hardcore" (open the Door of the Mine "act 4" and go take it instantly)
Concovation (Siosa reward )
(Bone offering -> usable only after 2nd lab )

Flask start setup : 2 Life 1 Mana 2 Quicksilver
Brutus & Merveil setup : 2 Life 2 Mana 1 Quicksilver
After Having Clarity lvl 3-4  2 Life , 3 Quicksilver
With Clarity low level and having some mana issue : 1-2 Life , 1 Mana , 2-3 Quicksilver
Gear setup:
Use Hybrid ES/Armour or Pure ES item & Shield life gain on block for smooth recovery
6-7 Blue Socket
3-5 Red Socket
1 Green Socket

Brutus fight // use Holy Flame Totem to get his attention spam Summon Raging Spirit or Rolling Magma
Merveil fight her at level 14 setup you will have +13% all res
Weaver , lot of Magic monsters (elemental damage) again you , recommand to kill her after bandits . 
( When you have Absolution use it again trash minion// Summon Raging Spirit again boss & tanky Rare , it is difficult to use both as same time)
You can remove Summon Raging Spirit at end of the campaign if you wish

Absolution Support gem
Mandatory : Physical to Lightning / Minion Damage Support /Spell Echo
Speed support gem : Spell Echo(best) / Faster Casting / Minon Speed 
Bossing : Concentred Effect / Predator/ Lightning prenetration
Early Socket Filler :  Added Ligthning damage / Added Fire damage / Added Cold Damage / Summon Phanstasm

Tips :
OverLevel to level up more your minions gem Since in ruthless Gem XP is nerf by 4
+1 Physical/Lightning weapon shield are extremly Valuable since Minion damage/Life scale a lot with Gem level
+1 to all Minion gem on Helmet to check out
You can Raise Specter  , Stygian Silverback (act 2 - Riverway) for Frenzy charge if you want an early buff Specter ( he may die a lot - desecrate to revive him )
Desecrate + Flesh Offering for bonus Minion speed - (Desecrate + Bone Offering for block chance after 2nd Lab ascendancy )
Holy Flame Totem for Minions when they take damage or near you (consacreted ground ->curse removal)
Molten Shell on Left click (replace Molten Shell with Bone Armour skill as Witch )

Use Enduring Mana Flask/Eldritch Battery if you have Mana issue or want to remove Clarity
Reward in campaign Taken :
Quickersilver flask x3 - Tidal Island reward
Large health Flask - Den
Heavy belt - Weaver
Bone ring - Docks Quest Reward

Specter choice : Frenzy Monkeys 
3rd : (softcore= Primal Rex Matriach  : Hardcore : Wild Bristle Matron) both Harvest Monster

Thx for Reading , have a nice League Start .