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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 100 Hybrid Crit Lightning Trap Assassin3.22

Life: 3,72489%
ES: 1,52925%
Mana: 39
eHP: 23,582
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/20%
Evade: 24%
Supp: 99.84%
Armour: 5,397
DPS: 3,144,877
Speed: 4.93
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 100.00%
Crit Multi: 623%
Config: Pinnacle, Frenzy, Power


Void BatteryVoid BatteryPig-Faced BascinetTinkerskinSlavedriver's HandHydrascale BootsBadge of the BrotherhoodAmethyst RingAmethyst RingStygian Vise
Granite FlaskJade FlaskQuicksilver FlaskSilver FlaskEternal Life Flask
Murderous Eye JewelLarge Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelForbidden FleshForbidden FlameWatcher's EyeGlorious VanityCobalt JewelCobalt Jewel


Divergent Lightning Trap
Awakened Added Lightning Damage
Divergent Power Charge On Critical
Charged Traps
Awakened Lightning Penetration
Divergent Swift Assembly
Cast when Damage Taken
Increased Duration
Flame Dash
Bear Trap
Arcanist Brand
Assassin's Mark
Summon Skitterbots
Vaal Righteous Fire

Tree Preview

Pain AttunementPain Attunement
Charge MasteryCharge Mastery
  • 100% increased Charge Duration
Critical MasteryCritical Mastery
  • +25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies
Evasion MasteryEvasion Mastery
  • +15% chance to Suppress Spell Damage if Equipped Helmet, Body Armour, Gloves, and Boots all have Evasion Rating
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • 8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you
  • Auras from your Skills have 10% increased Effect on you
Spell Suppression MasterySpell Suppression Mastery
  • Chance to Suppress Spell Damage is Lucky
Trap MasteryTrap Mastery
  • 8% Chance for Traps to Trigger an additional time


    Versatile & Budget-Friendly: Great for league starters, needing minimal gear investment.
    Strong Map Clearing: Lightning Trap excels in swiftly clearing maps.
    Solid Single-Target Damage: Effective against bosses and tougher foes.
    Clear Gear Progression: Structured steps to enhance your character's power.
    Adaptable Ascendancy: Can switch between Saboteur and Assassin for more damage.
    End-Game Ready: Can tackle challenging content like the Crucible.
    Focused Mechanics: Skills like Vaal Smite and trap stacking enhance combat.
    Detailed Guide: Comprehensive explanations for skills, gear, and FAQs.

    Niche Trap Playstyle: Not suitable for players who prefer direct combat.
    Complex Trap Mechanics: Requires practice for optimal trap usage.
    Conditional DPS Calculation: Calculating accurate DPS can be complex.
    Gear Dependency: Requires specific items for optimal performance.
    Ascendancy Changes: Recent changes might affect power level.
    Limited Weapon Choice: Specific weapons limit skill options.
    Moderate Mobility: Movement might feel slightly restricted.
    Transition Challenges: Changing ascendancy can be tricky.
    Learning Curve: New players might need time to fully grasp the build.

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