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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 99 Boneshatter Juggernaut3.22

Life: 5,301167%
Mana: 34
Resistances: 82%/80%/80%/75%
Supp: 100%
Armour: 149,466
DPS: 6,974,436
Speed: 7.15
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: Pinnacle, Focused, 3x Frenzy
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Tukohama


Despot AxePig-Faced BascinetGlorious PlateDragonscale GauntletsDragonscale BootsTurquoise AmuletAmethyst RingAmethyst RingStygian Vise
Divine Life FlaskBasalt FlaskQuartz FlaskGranite FlaskQuicksilver Flask
Searching Eye Jewel


Close Combat
Blood Rage
Vaal Molten Shell
War Banner
Vaal Ancestral Warchief
Ancestral Protector
Multiple Totems
Cast when Damage Taken
Ancestral Cry
Leap Slam
Faster Attacks
Close Combat
Blood and Sand
War Banner
Herald of Ash
Herald of Purity
Close Combat

Tree Preview

Call to ArmsCall to Arms
Iron ReflexesIron Reflexes
Precise TechniquePrecise Technique
Armour MasteryArmour Mastery
  • +1% to all maximum Elemental Resistances if Equipped Helmet, Body Armour, Gloves, and Boots all have Armour
Attack MasteryAttack Mastery
  • Nearby Enemies are Intimidated while you have Rage
Axe MasteryAxe Mastery
  • Enemies Killed by your Hits are destroyed
  • Attacks with Axes or Swords grant 1 Rage on Hit, no more than once every second
Leech MasteryLeech Mastery
  • 25% of Damage taken Recouped as Life if Leech was removed by Filling Unreserved Life Recently
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
  • +50 to maximum Life
Physical MasteryPhysical Mastery
  • 10% more Maximum Physical Attack Damage
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • +1% to all maximum Elemental Resistances if you have Reserved Life and Mana
Spell Suppression MasterySpell Suppression Mastery
  • Prevent +3% of Suppressed Spell Damage
Totem MasteryTotem Mastery
  • Buffs from Active Ancestor Totems Linger for 3 seconds
Two Hand MasteryTwo Hand Mastery
  • 40% increased Damage with Hits against Rare and Unique Enemies
  • 10% increased Armour per Red Socket on Main Hand Weapon
  • 10% increased Evasion Rating per Green Socket on Main Hand Weapon


	Hi and welcome everybody!
This pob is made for Path of  Exile newcomers. And also for people who have a SSF HC(also ssf sc)enjoyers but with inexperience.
This build is totally copied by good players like Ben(Darkee) and others. I also copy many information from Binu's Gaming youtube channel and smokie_777 youtube channel. 
I am not a total expert of poe but i put in a lot of hours maybe days to study this build and I wanted to share all the information I have with the newer people so we all can learn and have fun in this beautiful game.

	Videos I would recommend in below;
Melee acts guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=478xbIKvkEc
Boneshatter build is explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3DJllIfPro
Slayer or Juggernaut(Boneshatter fully explained): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAy9h5UHiG8
Atlas tree progression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJEW5dJ85js
Weapon crafting guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUkPIpYuZ-g
Ssf boneshatter crafting guide by smokie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAooOipurAQ


Another important reminder: If you're gonna do a lot of expedition change your attack mastery to monsters cannot block your attacks. 

-If we have a free gem slot Berserk can be really good to add to the build.(From rings it might be possible)
-Maybe culling strike support for the totem setup if we have free gemslot.

During leveling we play with Sunder until boneshatter, and until we have reservation mastery we don't use pride instead we use Herald of Purity.
When you're switching to Boneshatter, do not forget to take; Tribal fury, Attack mastery(non vaal strikes hits additional targets), Ancestral Cry and Call to Arms
I highly recommend putting ancestral cry to left mouse button.
Leveling section(WP= Waypoint, TP= teleport, portal scroll) [This section is copy paste base from poewiki quick acts, I optimized it like racers(content creators etc) and included some specific things for our build)
Leveling explained fully(specificly for our build):

Important note: If this is your first time playing PoE or don't really have much experience/knowledge about the game I STRONGLY recommend you go overlevel 1-2 levels, how you can check this is when you press tab you see the monster levels there on top right.
There is a general perception going 1-2 levels lower from area monster lvl is saving time but thats not the case for newer players, you're gonna save time by doing this, you can trust me on this.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR LINKS: Guys we only play with one 6-link item which is the body armour. On the weapon we want 6 sockets all red(so we gain a lot of armour from 2 hand mastery) So do NOT try to 6 link your weapon.

Pantheons: Lunaris+Tukohama(When we are bossing we can switch ofcourse, probably to Solaris+Ryslatha or you can keep tukohama if its not uber bosses)

Deadly map mods are(Risks explained with stars):
1. Phys reflect(you die)
2. -maxiumum resistances(you die)
3. Player CANNOT regenerate life.(you die)

4. Reduced aura effect(*****)
5. Monsters fire +2 projectiles(****)
6. Two or more phys as elemental damage(****)
7. Crit multi+critchance(this mod only by itself ****)
8. Players have 20% less prevented spell damage from suppression(***)
9. Monsters have increased attack&cast speed(boss can kill you ***)
10. Reduced armour&vulnerability(***)

Mods that I try to avoid as much as possible:
1. Monsters has percentage life as extra energy shield
2. Stacked reduced phys damage reduction and more life on monsters
3. Unique bosses are possessed
4. Less accuracy&enfeeble&blind on hit(For precise technique, if your accuracy lower than your life you simply deal 40% less damage)
5. Less effect of curses on monsters(less dmg)
6. Monsters skills chain 2 additional times
7. Increased monster damage(depending on the mods near it)

SWAP TO BONESHATTER: Whenever you have call to arms+tribal fury(non-vaal strike as well)

Copy and paste the message above to vendors search bar. Its for searching vendors, its gonna highlight the items we need.

A note about switching to boneshatter: Guys before you switch please do take tribal fury node, and as mastery non vaal strikes attack additional targets AND call to arms notable. Which gives you insane amount of help on clear, and dont forget
to put your Ancestral cry to your left mouse button so its easier and smoother experience for you.

ACT 1(Acts information is copied both from poe-vault.com and also poewiki.net, i just added my guidance and regulations to some certain points.)

Kill Hillock, (bonezone jugg specific= Take ground slam as reward and before you leave the town if possible buy boots with movespeed[iron ring& rustic sash])then go to Coast
Coast - Tag WP - Go to Go to Mud Flats first
Get 3 quest items then go to Submerged Passage and take WP then tp to coast and go to tidal island
Tidal Island - (Kill Hailrake for Quicksilver Flask) and logout/tp back to town and take rewards, (bonezone jugg specific= reward from breaking some eggs= ancestral protector&steelskin.) 
bonezone jugg specific= Before you leave the town buy; war banner, blood&sand(bloodstance), frost blink(you can buy int amulet in order to use the skill)
Then back to submerged passage WP
In Submerged Passage There is 2 possible ways to go from here one is flooded depths the other is ledge, when you find a stairs that goes up means that you're going to the ledge use a portal there and go to ledge and find WP
After finding wp tp back to town and use the portal to go to The Flooded Depths in The Flooded Depths - Kill Dweller of the Deep then logout/teleport to town and back to the ledge
In The Climb rush to Lower Prison(bonezone jugg specific= Around this stage i'd recommend to have atleast 2 iron rings and 1 rustic sash for smoother act, rarity doesnt matter normal, magic, rare anything)
Lower Prison - Once per league:Complete Trial - Go to Upper Prison
Upper Prison - Go to Warden's Quarters(bonezone jugg specific= Before this mini bossfight I'd recommend you upgrade your weapon somehow, 
if you cant find any from udentifying off the ground just use Step 1; To a vendor, put your 2h weapon, put a magic or rare(rare is better) rustic sash and a blacksmith's whetstone this should help you and don't forget to loot and identify all 2h axes]
Warden's Quarters - Follow Blood to Warden's Chambers
Warden's Chambers - Kill Brutus - Go to Prisoner's Gate,
Prisoner's Gate - Tag WP - Go to Town, bonezone jugg specific= As reward for brutus take leapslam&faster attack support, purchase maim support for totem setup its a MUST
Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Prisoner's Gate
Prisoner's Gate - Go to Ship Graveyard
Ship Graveyard - Tag WP - Go to Ship Graveyard Cave
Ship Graveyard Cave - Pick up Allflame
Ship Graveyard - Kill Fairgraves - TP to Town
Town - Talk to NPCs - WP to Ship Graveyard
Ship Graveyard - Go to Cavern of Wrath
Cavern of Wrath - Tag WP - Go to Cavern of Anger(At this point you should've collected some sapphire rings, if you don't have any either buy or do the vendor recipe 1 blue gem+iron ring= sapphire ring)
Cavern of Anger - Go to Merveil's Lair
Merveil's Lair - Kill Merveil and Merveil, the Twisted - Go to Act II

BIG NOTE: I can't explain how important it is to constantly look for upgrade from the loot on the ground(Higher pdps weapon or more life, res on gear), whenever you have some item missing or not good enough just try to fill in the spots.
And I would STRONGLY recommend to change you weapon almost once in an act(if you find something good and cant find smt better maybe 1-2 acts) but its the most important item we have in the early game.
Also please do scroll down and read "Crafting steps for axe" if you don't wanna read'em all its fine just read first 2 steps and you're good to go until act 9.


Enter old fields then the crossroads. I 99% skip great white beast quest at the den.
Crossroad WP then to the left to chamber of sins, to lvl2 and kill fidelitas and take trial
bonezone jugg specific= Herald of ash from greust, buy herald of purity and blood rage as well 
Note: We must use an axe now in this act. If you didnt get any axe drops just buy 1 and craft
Now go to top to Broken bridge and kill kraityn, bonezone jugg specific= close combat sup and rage sup from rewards and links for main skill: sunder, ruthless, rage, close logout/tp to town
Go to Fellshrine Ruins (right/down) - Go to The Crypt Level 1 - Solve Trial - TP to Town(hand of the good man is optional i 99% of the time dont do it and suggest u the same)
Enter the Riverways and locate the waypoint. Typically found in the middle of the zone, along the road.
Go to Western Forest (down) Western Forest - Tag WP (follow road) - Kill Alira, take the quest item, keep following road till the end and kill captain arteri and take thaumatic emblem and use it on the seal.
Then go to weaver's chambers (always opposite side of alira) kill the boss and then logout/tp to town
Tp back to Riverways, go to Wetlands and kill Oak, remove tree roots acquaire waypoint and go in vaal ruins
Head upwards through the Northern Forest until you find The Caverns. Do not enter the Dread Thicket(It gives you hideout option)
Take WP, and find the ancient pyramid(You need to talk to npcs in town to enter here, if you cannot go any further talk to npcs)
Ascend the levels of the Pyramid until you find the the Pyramid Apex. Find the boss and kill him(don't forget about the recipe)
Exit to city of sarn and locate the blackguards and kill'em, free the clarissa and enter the town.


Exit into the Slums.
Find the Crematorium and grab the Waypoint. Take note of the location of the Sewer Grating, if you encountered it along the way.
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial in the Crematorium and complete it.
Find Piety and defeat her. Interact with Tolman and take Tolman's Bracelet.(bonezone jugg specific= After lost in love take vulnerability and drop flat ele weapons fully focus on physical[drop ash])
Logout or portal back to town. Speak with Clarissa to receive the Sewer Keys.
If you feel you might die, just go to crafting bench and craft resistances(you can craft to magic&rare items and even NORMAL(white) items)
Enter the Slums and find the Sewer Grating. Open it, and enter the Sewers.
Locate the three Platinum Busts. There is always one before the Waypoint, and two after it.
Find the exit into the Marketplace.
Grab the Waypoint.
(Optional): Just to the upper right of the Waypoint is the entrance to the Catacombs. Enter and complete the Labyrinth Trial, then logout or portal out and return to the Marketplace via the waypoint.
Locate the exit to the Battlefront.
Find the Waypoint, which is generally in the center of the zone.
Head downwards from the Waypoint until you find the Blackguard Chest, which looks like a cart.
Take the Ribbon Spool from the cart.
Head upwards from the Waypoint until you locate the entrance to the Solaris Temple (Level One).
Proceed through the temple until you find the entrance to the Solaris Temple (Level Two).
Continue through the temple until you find the Waypoint.
Take the Waypoint to the Battlefront. Head left until you find the entrance to the Docks.
Locate the Supply Container and take the Thaumetic Sulphite.
Logout or portal to town, then talk to Hargan to receive the Book of Skill.
Take the Waypoint to the Solaris Temple (Level Two).
Talk to Lady Dialla to receive the Infernal Talc.
Take the Waypoint to the Sewers.
Go down/left from the Waypoint and burn away the Undying Blockage. This is always extremely close to the waypoint.
Enter the Ebony Barracks and acquire the Waypoint.
Head upwards through the Ebony Barracks until you find General Gravicius.
Kill General Gravicius, and continue heading upwards.
Enter the Lunaris Temple (Level One).
Grab the Waypoint and enter the Lunaris Temple (Level Two).
Look for ascending staircases to quickly find the correct path. Continue following the staircases until you reach the carts. The side with two carts is always a dead end, while the single-cart side is the correct path.
Kill Piety and take the Tower Key.
bonezone jugg specific= Ancestral Warchief reward after piety kill
Return to town and talk to Grigor to receive the Book of Skill. Speak with Maramoa to receive the gem reward.
Take the Waypoint to the Ebony Barracks.
Head to the right of the Waypoint until you find the entrance to the Imperial Gardens.
Follow the tiled path until you find the Waypoint.
(Optional): If you need specific gems from the Library quest, take the upper left path at the three way fork, up the stairs. Enter the Library and grab the Waypoint halfway through the area. Continue until you find the Loose Candle.(I generally dont)
(Optional): Complete the final Labyrinth Trial for the Normal Lab. From three way fork just above the Waypoint, head upwards and slowly snake your way to the left. The Labyrinth Trial is almost always found in the uppermost left corner of the area.
From the three way fork above the way point, head to the lower right and up the stairs. Start heading to the upper right, following the tiled path until you find the entrance to the Sceptre of God.
Enter the Sceptre of God and ascend the levels until you find the Upper Sceptre of God.
Enter the Upper Sceptre of God and ascend the levels.
Kill Dominus.
Enter the Aqueduct and make your way through the area.
Enter Highgate.


Enter The Dried Lake.(If i'm underlevelled, i lvl 1 or 2 lvls here)
Locate Voll, defeat him, and take Deshret?s Banner. Return to town via logout or Portal.
Open the mines using Deshret?s Banner and enter The Mines (Level One).
Proceed through the area and enter The Mines (Level Two).
Locate Deshret's Spirit and release it.
Enter the Crystal Veins.
Locate the Waypoint, at the end of the area, and return to Highgate.
Speak to Tasuni to receive the Book of Skill reward. Speak to Oyun to receive the Golem gem reward.
This is where we reccomend you go complete your first Labyrinth and Ascend.
Return to the Crystal Veins via the Waypoint.
The next steps may be completed in either order, based on preference. We prefer to do Kaom?s Dream first, however, as the boss is generally a little less dangerous at lower levels.
Enter Kaom's Dream and proceed through the area until you reach Kaom's Stronghold. Acquire the Waypoint and continue onwards, until you reach the Caldera of the King.
Defeat Kaom and pick up the Eye of Fury. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.
Enter Daresso's Dream and proceed through the area until you encounter Barkhul. Defeat him and his bodyguards, then enter The Grand Arena and acquire the Waypoint. 
Proceed through the arenas until you encounter The Trio, a group of three unique enemies. This means that Daresso is in the next area, and signals you are on the correct path. 
Defeat the Trio and enter The Ring of Blades. Defeat Daresso and take the Eye of Desire. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.
Talk to Dialla.
Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level One), and proceed through the area.
Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level Two), and proceed through the area.
Enter the Bowels of the Beast.
Defeat Piety. (bonezone jugg specific= Kill piety and get mulitple totems support as reward)
Enter The Harvest, and acquire the Waypoint. Return to Highgate.
Speak to Dialla at the uppermost part of the city to receive the gem reward.
Return to The Harvest.
Slay Malachai's 3 guardians; Doedre, Maligaro, and Shavronne. Pick up the various organs they drop.
Enter The Black Core, found next to the Waypoint.
Kill Malachai.
Return to Highgate via Portal or logout.
Exit into The Ascent, found in the upper right part of Highgate.
Interact with the resonator and take the Oriath Portal.


Grab the Waypoint and make your way through the Slave Pens.
Kill Overseer Crow, and ascend the ladder that drops down to enter the Overseer?s Tower.
Talk to Lani to receive the ring reward.
Enter the Control Blocks.
Find the Miasmeter. Typically this item is found about halfway through the zone, on the left-most part of the area. Turn in to Vilenta the next time you are in town for skill point.
Kill Justicar Casticus at the end of the area and pick up the Eyes of Zeal.
Enter Oriath Square and grab the Waypoint. If you need another Quicksilver Flask Quicksilver Flask go to town and speak to Lani, otherwise wait until the next time you are in town.
Find and enter the Templar Courts.
Make your way through the zone and enter The Chamber of Innocence, grabbing the immediate Waypoint.
The Chamber of Innocence is BEYOND PERFECT for levelling, i generally get minimum 2-3 levels here, depending on if i play ssfhc or hc i get 6-7  here before both avarius and kitava fight.
Find The Sanctum of Innocence and kill High Templar Avarius and Innocence.
Enter The Chamber of Innocence through the newly opened exit.
Enter the Torched Courts and make your way through the area.
Enter the Ruined Square. The entrances to other areas in the Ruined Square are always in the same general area of the zone. We have provided an extremely simplified diagram below to help you quickly locate what you are looking for.
Enter the Ossuary.
Find the Sign of Purity and return to the Ruined Square via the exit.
Locate The Reliquary.
Find each of Kitava?s Torments and return to town via logout or Portal.
Speak to Lani for the Book of Skill and jewel rewards.
You are about to fight Kitava and get hit with a -30% resistance penalty. It is adviced you make sure your elemental resistances are overcapped by roughly 30%, so that you will not struggle too much in the upcoming act as a result of this infliction.
Return to the Ruined Square via Waypoint.
Enter the Cathedral Rooftop and make your way through the area.
Enter the Cathedral Apex and defeat Kitava.
Speak with Lily Roth and sail to Wraeclast.
Congratz you're half way through, and also hardest part of the acts are done.


(Optional): This quest is usually worth doing on new league characters as it unlocks Lilly Roth as a gem vendor, and she carries virtually every gem in the game. 
Enter the Twilight Strand, accessed from the bottom side of Lioneye's Watch. Clear the area of all monsters and return to Lioneye's Watch, then speak with Lilly Roth.(I generally do this optional quest for easier gem acquiring)
Enter The Coast and proceed through the zone. Grab the Waypoint at the end.
Enter the Mud Flats. Find and kill The Dishonored Queen and take the Eye of Conquest.
Find the exit to the Karui Fortress. Generally, this is in the upper middle part of the area.
Enter Tukohama's Keep.
Defeat Tukohama. Talk to Sin and select Soul of Tukohama as your Pantheon Minor God.
Find and enter The Ridge.
Grab the Waypoint and return to Lioneye's Watch. Talk to Tarkleigh to receive the Book of Skill.
Return to The Ridge via the Waypoint.
Find and enter the Lower Prison and grab the Waypoint, just inside the entrance.
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
Find and enter Shavronne?s Tower.
Ascend the tower until you reach the Prison Rooftop.
Kill Brutus and Shavronne.
Go through the Warden?s Chambers and enter the Prisoner?s Gate. Grab the Waypoint.
Find the Valley of the Fire Drinker and defeat Abberath. Portal to Lioneye?s Watch and talk to Bestel for the Book of Skill reward. Take the Waypoint back to the Prisoner's Gate. 
Head in the other direction of where you found the Valley of the Fire Drinker (e.g. if Abberath is bottom right, head to top right and vice versa).
Enter the Western Forest. Follow the main road to find the Waypoint.
Find and enter The Riverways. Follow the main road to find the Waypoint.
Find and enter The Wetlands, usually located in the upper part of the area. Find the Spawning Ground and kill the Puppet Mistress. 
Portal or logout to return to Lioneye's Watch and speak to Tarkleigh for the Book of Skill reward. Return to The Riverways via Waypoint.
Find and enter the Southern Forest. The entrance is usually located in middle/lower right of the area.
Grab the Waypoint before exiting into the Cavern of Anger.
Open the Flag Chest and take the Black Flag.
Enter the passage and make your way through the cavern until you reach The Beacon. Enter and immediately acquire the Waypoint.
Locate the pyramid-esque structure and ascend it. Escort the two pillars to their berths by standing within the glowing circle.
Click on the Ignition Switch and then again on the Beacon.
Talk to Weylam Roth and sail to the Brine King?s Reef. Grab the Waypoint.
Locate and enter the Brine King?s Throne. This is usually easiest done by following the left wall.
Kill the Brine King. Speak to Sin and grab your Pantheon.
Talk to Weylam Roth and sail to Act VII.


Enter the Broken Bridge. Travel towards the bottom left part of the area.
Enter The Crossroads. Follow the road and grab the Waypoint in the center of the zone.
Take the bottom fork from the Waypoint and enter the Fellshrine Ruins.
Enter The Crypt and acquire the Waypoint.
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
Find the Sarcophagus and descend to The Crypt (Level Two).
Locate the Container of Sins and take Maligaro's Map.
Return to the Bridge Encampment via Portal or logout.
Return to The Crossroads via Waypoint.
Take the upper path from the Waypoint and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level 1).
Grab the Waypoint at the central cross and insert Maligaro?s Map into the Map Device.
Enter Maligaro?s Sanctum and proceed until you find Maligaro?s Workshop.
Kill Maligaro and take the Black Venom. Leave the map via Portal Scroll Portal Scroll.
Speak with Silk and take the Obsidian Key.
Find and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level Two).
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
Enter The Den.
Proceed and exit into the Ashen Fields.
Enter the Fortress Encampment.
Slay Greust.
Enter the Northern Forest.
Grab the Waypoint.
(Optional): Return to town and speak with Helena to receive Greust?s Necklace. This quest only rewards an amulet but usually does not take more than a minute or so in total time, so it is your choice on a league starter whether to complete it. If you encounter the Azmeri Shrine in the Northern Forest, place the necklace there and speak with Helena when you are next in town turning in other quests.
Enter the Dread Thicket.
Enter the Den of Despair and kill Gruthkul, then return to the Dread Thicket.
Collect 7 Fireflies from around the Dread Thicket.
Return to the Bridge Encampment and speak with Eramir to receive the two Books of Skill as a reward.
Return to the Northern Forest via the Waypoint.
Find the exit to The Causeway.
Grab the Waypoint when you encounter it.
Acquire Kishara's Star before leaving the area, usually find right next to the exit of the zone.
Enter the Vaal City.
Locate Yeena. The Vaal City is a massive, sprawling, and confusing zone for some players. There is always a part of the zone that is surrounded by dead ends, and is difficult to penetrate into (the ?center? of the city, but not of the area itself). Yeena and the Waypoint are always found here.
Speak with Yeena and enter the Temple of Decay (Level One).
Enter the Temple of Decay (Level Two).
Enter Arakaali?s Web.
Kill Arakaali.
Enter the Sarn Ramparts.
Enter the Sarn Encampment.
This is where we would reccomend you do the Second Labyrinth


Enter the Toxic Conduits.
Locate and enter Doedre's Cesspool.
Open the grate and enter The Cauldron.
Kill Doedre the Vile.
Exit into the Sewer Outlet and grab the Waypoint.
Take the right path and enter The Quay.
Open the Sealed Casket and take the Ankh of Eternity. The Ankh is typically found near the entrance of the zone; look for a long bridge.
Locate and enter the Ressurection Site and kill Tolman.
Talk to Clarissa.
Return to The Quay.
Enter the Grain Gate and grab the Waypoint. Head ?upwards? through the zone, roughly following the right-upper wall of the area.
Kill the Gemling Legionnaires.
Enter the Imperial Fields and follow the main road to find the Waypoint.
Return to the Sarn Encampment. Speak to Clarissa and Maramoa for the Book of Skill rewards. Speak to Hargan for the ring reward.
Return to the Imperial Fields.
Enter the Solaris Temple (Level One).
Acquire the Waypoint if you come across it.
Enter the Solaris Temple (Level Two).
Kill Dawn and take the Sun Orb. Return to town via logout or Portal.
Return to the Toxic Conduits via Waypoint.
Take the left path and enter the Grand Promenade.
Enter the Bath House.
Acquire the Waypoint.
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it. Portal out and return to the Bath House via Waypoint.
Enter the High Gardens and proceed until you encounter the Pools of Terror. Enter and slay Yugul. Portal out and speak to Hargan for the Book of Skill reward. Return to the Bath House via Waypoint.
Enter the Lunaris Concourse.
Acquire the Waypoint.
Enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 1). The path to the Lunaris Temple is the same as in Act III, always heading upwards until you encounter it.
Acquire the Waypoint, then enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 2).
Kill Dusk and take the Moon Orb, then return to town via logout or Portal.
Return to the Lunaris Concourse via Waypoint.
Enter the Harbour Bridge, which is always below the Waypoint.
Enter the Sky Shrine.
Kill Solaris and Lunaris.
Enter the Blood Aqueducts.
THE MIGHTY BLOOD AQUEDUCTS... This zone is beyond perfection for levelling and not only leveling but also farming humility(tabula rasa)[altough our build dont use] div cards early on. If you feel weak farm here 5-10 lvls.
Enter Highgate.


We're almost done guys hold up.
Read step 3 for axe crafting before starting this act, we take EVERY 2h axe veiled and find us a fortune by unveiling.
Enter The Descent and head to the right.
Descend via the Supply Hoists until you locate the exit to the Vastiri Desert.
Locate and acquire the Waypoint.
(Optional): Locate the Storm Weathered Chest. Defeat the waves of mummies that ambush you, then take the Storm Blade. Return to town via Portal Scroll Portal Scroll and speak with Petarus and Vanja. 
Talk to Sin, then speak again with Petarus and Vanja. Use your portal to return to the Vastiri Desert. 
Find the entrance to The Oasis, which will now be accessible using the Bottled Storm. Traverse the area and enter the Sand Pit. Kill Shakari and return to Highgate. 
Speak to Irasha for the Book of Skill reward. Return to the Vastiri Desert via Waypoint.
Enter The Foothills.
Find the Waypoint, usually located in the upper right part of the area.
Enter the Boiling Lake.
Kill the Basilisk and take the Basilisk Acid. You know you are in the area where the Basilisk is located once you begin to see groups of petrified enemies.
Return to Highgate and take the Waypoint back to The Foothills.
Enter The Tunnel, usually found in the upper or upper left part of the area.
Acquire the Waypoint.
(Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
Enter The Quarry. Run straight to the middle of the zone and acquire the Waypoint.
These steps can be completed in either order based on what you encounter first. Follow the right wall if you do not wish to do the optional quest for the Passive Skill point.
Enter The Refinery and explore the area until you find General Adus, then kill him. He is found in his own little arena, generally in the upper or upper left part of the area. 
Usually he is found faster if you take the left path from the start of the area. Interact with the Theurgic Precipitate Machine and take the Trarthan Powder. Portal or logout, then return to The Quarry via Waypoint.
** (Optional): Enter the Shrine of the Winds and slay Garukhan. Return to town via Portal or logout, then speak with Irasha to receive the Book of Skill reward. Return to The Quarry via Waypoint.
Talk to Sin and enter the Belly of the Beast.
Enter the Rotting Core and make your way through the area.
Enter the Black Core and talk to Sin.
Enter each of the portals in your order of choosing and defeat Malachai?s guardians (Shavronne, Maligaro, and Doedre).
Enter the Black Heart and kill the Depraved Trinity.
Talk to Lilly Roth and sail to Oriath.


The relative position of the zone entrances in the Ravaged Square is the same as in Act V.
Enter the Cathedral Rooftop.
Enter the Cathedral Apex, on the immediate left of entering the rooftop area.
Kill the Cultists and Gargoyles to free Bannon.
Return to the Cathedral Rooftop and make your way to the right.
Enter the Ravaged Square.
Head upwards until you encounter the Waypoint, and acquire it.
These steps are both optional, and are both found in the Ossuary next to the Waypoint.
Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
Find the Elixir of Allure (rewards Respec points).
Enter the Torched Courts and proceed through the area.
Enter the Desecrated Chambers, which has a similar layout to the Chambers of Innocence from Act V. Grab the immediate Waypoint.
Find and kill Avarius, Reassembled.
Return to the Oriath Docks using the Waypoint.
Talk to Bannon, then talk to Lani to receive the Flask and Armor rewards.
(Optional): Return to the Ravaged Square and head downwards to the bottom middle of the area. 
Enter the Control Blocks and find Vilenta, located roughly where the Miasmeter was in Act V. Kill Vilenta and return to town via logout or Portal. Talk to Lani to receive the Book of Skill reward.
This is where we reccomend you do the third labyrinth, so that it is done before being inflicted with Kitavas Affliction again. Make sure to be 30% over your caps for elemental resistance, to avoid issues following Kitavas imminent death.
Talk to Innocence.
Return to the Ravaged Square and head upwards until you find Innocence. Speak with him.
Enter the Canals and proceed through the area.
Enter The Feeding Trough and proceed through the area.
Speak with Sin and enter the Altar of Hunger.
Kill Kitava.
Speak with Lani in Oriath to receive the Book of Skill reward.

Congratulations guys, you made it to the maps! Most of the newcomers to PoE are not either good or clever enough to reach maps you've made it, congratz :)

Do not forget to do acts and ascend as soon as possible:
The Lower Prison (Act 1)
The Crypt Level 1 (Act 2)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 2) The Crematorium (Act 3) 
The Catacombs (Act 3) 
The Imperial Gardens (Act 3)

The Prison (Act 6) 
The Crypt (Act 7) 
Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)

The Bath House (Act 8) 
The Tunnel (Act 9) T
he Ossuary (Act 10)

After 1 trial on map do the uberlab
Flask setup:
prefixes for flasks: 
inc duration, inc effect(maybe)
chance to gain charge when hit
reduced charges used
reduced effect of curses
inc armor, inc attack speed
granite flask, BASALT FLASK(just updated), quickslv, quartz

Quick Q&A: -Why we removed silver flask and added in basalt?
+I know we get onslaught from tree but, it wasn't reliable to me and i wanted to have increased affect on the onslaught for smoother clear but the onslaught from kill was both interrupting(cancelling) the flask and also it was a reliable source for it.
-Why basalt?
+We have unbreakable ascendancy which means more armour= closer to immortal. And believe me guys, closer to immortal is good in poe :D

Boneshatter Link Priority
1. Boneshatter
2. Close Combat - gives clear speed
3. Fortify - gives fortify
4. Impale - gives huge damage multiplier. 
5. Brutality - gives consistent damage without any downside
6. Ruthless - gives good damage, intimidate, and stuns on tankier enemies. I use this last because it's least consistent gem, only doing anything every 3rd hit.

For boneshatter PDPS matters, so the mods we are looking for on a 2h axe is;
-Added physical damage,
-Increased % damage(also chance to impale with this mod),
-Increased attack speed,
-Increased % damage and accuracy(hybrid)
-At very late game chance to deal double damage while focused

What is PDPS? Physical damage per second. Calculation: Average DPS*Attack speed

Crafting steps for axe:[Despot axe, Ezoymte axe,Void axe, Sundering axe, Vaal axe]
	At early acts picking up rare items off the ground and identifying them is often better, for that matter you must arrange your loot filter. Pick up every 2h axe off the ground at any stage in the acts(even in white maps maybe)
If you don't find good items to use off the ground in early to mid game(end-game crafting isn't explained in details in this gude) here is the crafting guide;
Step 1:
	To a vendor, put your 2h weapon, put a magic or rare(rare is better) rustic sash and a blacksmith's whetstone
Step 2:
	Please do NOT forget the higher the level requirement(ILVL is important as well) so if you'd like to craft please do check vendor inventories for 2h axes and buy one. Craft on; highest base pdps, highest required lvls, highest item level(press alt)
In The Sewers during act 3, you'll get a crafting recipe, with the new mods added to your bench you can make your weapon stronger to clear the acts.(Added phys or increased % phys dmg)
Also if you get lucky and get essence of contempt, please do use it to craft your weapon. Don't worry about losing the essence, you will get plenty later on. As the essence you collect at acts is really not much of currency,
so using it to enhance your character early on will take you to maps faster thus using the essences early on and especially to your weapon will serve you well.
If you have a good weapon do NOT forget to use blacksmith's whetsones to improve it further. Also before you craft, socket and link an item you gotta improve its quality for higher chances.
Step 3
	At act 9 in vastiri desert you meet Jun which introduce an new mechanic and unveils items, the second you find a veiled two handed axe you can unveil it and hope to hind increased % phys damage+chance to impale.
You have to clear as much as betrayals as possibles, therefore you can get 2h axe unveils and either use the items you unveil or you can use the craft on the crafting bench.
Step 4
	This is the hardest step. You need to farm a lot of harvest and/or essences to do this step and also a lot of intelligence farming in immortal syndicate(betrayal). 
Doing those isn't enough, item isn't gonna craft itself. You need to find a good base with either harvest or essences(for this specific craft i prefer harvest better) 
Good base is usually flat physical damage(must be high tier) and hybrid increased physical damage with accuracy from here you use t4 aisling craft and hope to hit increased %phys dmg and chance to impale. 
If you don't want to lose the base and desperately need the base i recommend using prefixes cannot be changed craft on the bench and then t4 aisling so you dont lose either of the prefixes. Then you can craft increased attack speed.
And BOOM you have a minimum 700 PDPS weapon.

There is a fifth step to this but its really long and hard to explain. Its really well explained in the weapon crafting guide video below.

Weapon crafting guide:


Crafting gear:
	We mainly use harvest or essences to craft our gear. Depending on the gear depends the resource we use. 
    Boots: Essence of zeal(mainly, you can use others like envy or greed) [For end-game type of boots we use torment]
    Helmet: body armour, gloves, belt: greed or envy or hatred or woe or anger or wrath or maybe even attribute ones[For end-game belt we use essence of horror, for body armour essence of insanity and drop silver flask, ]
	Weapon: Contempt or harvest reroll phys
    Accesories: Woe, Attribbute ones or harvest reroll etc.

Bonezone variation 1(early maps):
	- Enduring divine mana flask is a must early
	- Helmet: Life, Resists, Chaos res, Suppress
	- Gloves: Life, Resists, Chaos res, Suppress
	- Boots: Life, Resists, Chaos res, Suppress, obviously movespeed
	- Body armour: Armour(If you find one with life and good resists you can use it but drop life node 15% max life mastery), Resists, Chaos res, Suppress(Crafted)
	- Rings(amethysts base): Life, resists, accuracy
	- Amulet(Turquoise base):  Life, resists, accuracy, [Quickstep anointed]
	- Stygian vise: Life, resists, accuracy/armour
	- Abyss jewel: Life, chance to avoid being shocked(Corrupted blood immunity)
    - Weapon: after ACT 10  400~ PDPS is enough

Bonezone variation 2(yellow to red maps):
	- Quartz flask: Added to build after -manacost crafts on rings ILVL: 85(ALL FLASKS MUST BE ILVL: 85 or above)
	If you cannot get 100% avoid chance to get shocked on gear get it on flusk suffix
	- Helmet: Life, Resists, Chaos res, 10% Suppress atleast  ILVL: 85
	- Gloves: Life, Resists, Chaos res, 10% Suppress atleast, if possible attackspeed, physical dmg reduction while focused, inc attack speed while focus  ILVL: 85
	- Boots: Life, Resists, Chaos res, 10% Suppress atleast, 50-55 chance to avoid being shocked is a MUST (boots are crafted with essence of torment) ILVL: 85
	- Body armour: A lot of armour mods, Resists, Chaos res, Suppress(Crafted) ILVL: 86
	- Rings(amethysts base): Life, resists, accuracy, MUST have a prefix open for -7 total manacost ILVL: 84
	- Amulet(Turquoise base):  Life, resists, accuracy, [Anoint inveterate], open prefix for -7 manacost(IF NEEDED) ILVL: 84
	- Stygian vise: Life, resists, accuracy, armour(Maybe hunter base with percentage hp life) ILVL: 86
	Abyss jewel: Life, chance to avoid being shocked 35-40%~ (corrupted blood immune) [This one is hard but INSANELY important] ILVL: 83
	- Weapon: Above 550 PDPS ILVL: 83
	chance to deal double damage while focused(crafted) if possible

Bonezone variation 3(very late game)

	- Weapon: 800PDP + %chance to deal double damage while focused
	- Get 100% spell suppression and 100% shock avoidance from armours
	- Watchers eye with a mod of either one;
	- 1.impales you inflict last 2 additional hits while using pride 
	- 2.additional physical damage reduction with determination
	- amulet: Best in slot; Ashes of the stars, anoint whispers of doom and rearrange CWDT setup with punishment
(you can also look for +1 level to skill or phys gems, end-game improvements in this game is insane, just research highest dps boneshatter jugs in softcore for dps upgrade)
    - awakened gems, alternate quality gems(Super good with ashes as well)
	- rings: warlord influence with increased armour prefix DEFENCE
	- or redeemer influence global accuracy rating or inc attack speed
Honorable mentions: Tanu ahi

Chase uniques: Mageblood, Headhunter, Ashes of the stars

	-Essences: Must have for crafts(crystal lattice can be taken but not recommended for hc)
	-EXPEDITION: Must have logbooks, item bases& currency&more
	-Beyond: Not a must, tainted currency(6 link, corrupted quality, chasing uniques with tainted mythic etc. ) 
	-Harvest must for crafting, also later on you can play  gambles with yellow ones to chase uniques
	-Jun(Immortal Syndicate): MUST HAVE for weapon craft, bench crafts etc.
	-Kirac and map mods: Obviously must in early tree, later on drop these.(Map sustain as well) 

	First 30: 

	120(harvest+essence+expedition+searing exarch version): 
	END GAME ALTERNATIVES(i'm gonna optimize these two at below, don't use em yet)
End game bosses: 

If you can't find/make a 6th link(for tainted fusings):

If you have problems making the build work, feel free to make comments on the poe forum and ask for help. I hope you all have smoothest&luckiest league of your lifetime and don't forget; stay sane, exile! :)

As I said I put in a lot of hours to study this build and arrange the pob so if you'd like to please consider followin&subscribing to my twitch channel: twitch.tv/iowme
I am also a pro dota2 player(no joke, i win tournaments and stuff :D)