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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 95 Burning Arrow Elementalist3.22

Life: 4,098125%
ES: 495
Mana: 48
eHP: 55,465
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/75%
Evade: 95%
Supp: 100%
Evasion: 27,565
DPS: 35,378,828
Speed: 6.07
Hit Rate: 1.10
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: Pinnacle, Covered in Ash


Thicket BowTwo-Point Arrow QuiverBlizzard CrownHyrri's IreShagreen GlovesSlink BootsTurquoise AmuletPolaric DevastationAmethyst RingDyadian Dawn
Divine Life FlaskQuicksilver FlaskJade FlaskAtziri's PromiseCinderswallow Urn
MegalomaniacLarge Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelBloodnotchImmutable ForceWatcher's EyeAncestral VisionUnnatural Instinct


Arcanist Brand
Anomalous Flammability
Anomalous Flame Surge
Elemental Weakness
Awakened Burning Damage
Vaal Burning Arrow
Awakened Unbound Ailments
Awakened Deadly Ailments
Awakened Swift Affliction
Vaal Grace
Immortal Call
Cast when Damage Taken
Flame Dash
Divergent Burning Arrow
Ignite Proliferation
Awakened Burning Damage
Mirage Archer
Greater Multiple Projectiles

Tree Preview

Eldritch BatteryEldritch Battery
Elemental OverloadElemental Overload
Lethe ShadeLethe Shade
Energy Shield MasteryEnergy Shield Mastery
  • Stun Threshold is based on 60% of your Energy Shield instead of Life
Evasion MasteryEvasion Mastery
  • +15% chance to Suppress Spell Damage if Equipped Helmet, Body Armour, Gloves, and Boots all have Evasion Rating
Fire MasteryFire Mastery
  • Fire Exposure you inflict applies an extra -5% to Fire Resistance
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
  • +50 to maximum Life
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • 8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you