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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 99 Crit Venom Gyre Deadeye3.21

Life: 4,714123%
ES: 78
Mana: 84
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/-30%
Evade: 54%
Supp: 100%
Armour: 20,774
Evasion: 9,925
DPS: 5,851,215
Speed: 9.47
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 95.47%
Crit Multi: 543%
Config: Pinnacle, 10% Shock, Frenzy
Bandit: Kill All


Imperial ClawLacquered BucklerVoll's VisionTriumphant LamellarKaom's SpiritSerpentscale BootsAgate AmuletThe TamingThe TamingImmortal Flesh
Divine Life FlaskDiamond FlaskJade FlaskGranite FlaskQuartz Flask
Murderous Eye JewelMurderous Eye JewelViridian Jewel


Elemental Damage with Attacks
Vaal Venom Gyre
Flame Dash
Ancestral Protector
Sniper's Mark
Mark On Hit
Cast when Damage Taken
Molten Shell
Flame Wall
Power Charge On Critical
Cast On Critical Strike
Whirling Blades

Tree Preview

Point BlankPoint Blank
Accuracy MasteryAccuracy Mastery
  • +500 to Accuracy Rating
  • -2 to Accuracy Rating per Level
Attack MasteryAttack Mastery
  • Nearby Enemies are Intimidated while you have Rage
Claw MasteryClaw Mastery
  • 60% increased Damage with Claws against Enemies that are on Low Life
  • Skills Supported by Nightblade have 40% increased Effect of Elusive
Critical MasteryCritical Mastery
  • +25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies
Dagger MasteryDagger Mastery
  • Elusive also grants +40% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Skills Supported by Nightblade
Elemental MasteryElemental Mastery
  • Hits have 25% chance to treat Enemy Monster Elemental Resistance values as inverted
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
Mark MasteryMark Mastery
  • 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you Hit your Marked Enemy
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • Auras from your Skills have 10% increased Effect on you


BUILD GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNrg63Kltgo


* Venom Gyre fires a returning Projectile that can be caught. Returning Projectiles deal 75% Less Damage.
* You can catch up to 30 Returning Projectiles.
* When you use Whirling Blades, you shoot out your returned projectiles. By default you have a 40% chance to keep Caught Projectiles when firing them with 
Whirling Blades. This can be scaled to 65% using helm enchant. The Projectiles shot out with Whirling Blades can shotgun as they are fired sequentially.
* The amount of Returning Projectiles can be increased with Sniper's Mark, Awakened Fork, and Chain.

* MAPPING: Throw out projectiles and whirl around - Whirling blades will help you clear together with your own attacks.
* BOSSING/HARDER MOBS: Throw projectiles until you have close to 30 caught projectiles. We then namelock the enemy and spam whirling blades
on top of the enemy. The only thing to ensure during these tougher encounters is that Ancestral Protector is up.

*** NOTE ***: Make sure Always Attack w/o Moving IS NOT CHECKED
-------------- DEFENSES ------------

* Easy 100% Spell Suppression w/ Tree nodes.
* Determination and Molten Shell
* Jade Flask gives decent layer of Dodge w/o Grace.
* Elusive can grant you 35% Chance to Avoid all damage from Hits.
* Insane Leech rate from the high amount of projectiles and claw LGOH.
* Ailment Immunity (Boots implicit + Craft on Boot + Nodes on tree + Craft on Shield)

-------------- OFFENSE SCALING AND SOME GEAR NOTES ------------

* Scale the build by stacking flat added elemental damage, elemental damage %, and attack speed - All on Jewelry, Weapon, and Jewels.
* 100% Crit Chance with Up to 800% Crit multi thanks to Elusive Effect and Nightblade Scaling
* Point Blank and Clusters are a HUGE damage increase.

* Brittle Ground implicit on Boots is HUGE damage increase (scales with Ailment effect).
* Rage Implicit on Gloves is HUGE damage increase.
* Helmet enchant is Huge Damage.
* Blizzard Crown is a good damage increase but enchant is more important.

NOTE: You probably need at least one -Total mana cost craft on rings / Amulet.

-------------- FLASKS ------------

* Divine Life Flask: Bubbling and Corrupted Blood immunity
* Diamond Flask, Jade Flask, Granite Flask (All with Gain charges when hit or on crit, %attack speed, %Reduced Effect of Curses, %Armour, %Evasion, %Critical Strike Chance)
* Dying Sun: If you want for better map Clear.

BOSSING: Run 2 or 3 Divine Life Flasks where Regen will be an issue.

-------------- PANTHEON -------------- 

* Soul of the Brine King	- Use this before Ailment Immune, also provides Stun Avoidance.
* Soul of Lunaris			   - Physical Damage Reduction, 6% Reduced Elemental Damage taken, 10% Chance to Avoid Projectiles.

* Soul of Ralakesh			- Mapping Pantheon to Prevent Bleed and Corrupting Blood Deaths
* Soul of Yugul				  - 30% Reduced Effect of Curses

-------------- ASCENDANCY OVERVIEW -------------- 

1) Gathering Winds (Tailwind)
2) Ricochet (+1 Chain)
3) Endless Munitions (+2 Projectiles)
4) Focal Point (75% inc Effect of Marks)

-------------- SKILL GEMS -------------- 
* AURAS: 											Precision, Wrath (OR Anger if Int is an issue), Determination
* MOVEMENT: 									Whirling Blades - Flame Wall - Cast on Critical Strike - Tornado
* BUFFS: 											 Berserk 
* CAST WHEN DMG TAKEN SETUP:   Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Hydrosphere (Cold Exposure if not Lightning Exposure implicit on gloves) - Tornado
* MARK ON HIT: 								  Sniper's Mark - Mark on Hit - Enhance
* MAIN SKILL:									   Venom Gyre - Nightblade - Trinity - Fork - Inspiration - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Cold Damage (Swap Out with Elemental Damage with Attack depending on how much flag damage)
(Added Cold Damage, Added Lightning Damage can replace Inspiration and Elemental Damage with Attacks - use PoB to determine which combination give you the most damage) 

-------------- LEVELING NOTES -------------- 

Full Run Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtn8KS3WQLY
Leveling Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj8Vogd0KPA