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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 13 Hybrid Crit Holy Flame Totem Hierophant3.21

Life: 1,13215%
ES: 1,1600%
Mana: -266
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/75%
Supp: 44%
Spell Block: 22%
Armour: 10,987
DPS: 3,190
Speed: 5.08
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 26.73%
Crit Multi: 210%
Pinnacle, Focused, Frenzy, Custom Mods
Bandit: Kill All


Void SceptreHarmonic Spirit ShieldHubris CircletSaintly ChainmailDragonscale GauntletsDragonscale BootsCitrine AmuletAmethyst RingAmethyst RingStygian Vise
Diamond FlaskGranite Flask
Hypnotic Eye Jewel


~~~~~~~~~ Start ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rolling Magma
Concentrated Effect
Holy Flame Totem
Added Fire Damage
Elemental Focus
Flame Wall
Arcane Surge
Herald of Ash
Wave of Conviction
Added Fire Damage
~~~~~~~~~ Act 3+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Armageddon Brand
Wave of Conviction
Elemental Weakness
Brand Recall
Herald of Ash
Divine Blessing
Tempest Shield

Tree Preview


The leveling skills section has some gems unchecked. These are what are used in act 1/2 before better gems become available. Sell crap UnID'd items in A1 to afford transmutes.

"b-b-b|r-[rb]-b|b-[rb]-r|r-b-r|b-r-b|nne|e to Sp"
^This regex for first 2 acts. 
Note, arcane support does nothing after getting EB.
"-\w-.-|(-\w){4}|rint|Flam|e to Sp"
^This regex for Act 3 onwards. Know how to chromatic stuff/attribute rankings. 

You use wands, not sceptres. However, ID all rare sceptres in case you get a really good spell damage added to spells and go shield when you feel it's appropriate. 
Add Goat's Horn, Faun's Horn, and Demon's Horn wand basetypes to your leveling filter, will help a ton.

Not your father's wand craft:
Blacksmith's + Magic(or higher) + magic wand  | Spell damage

Extra Help:
1) We grab Righteous Decree at end of act 1 because it allows us to run clarity vitality and herald of ash with no issues and it just feels smoother early for how much mana this build uses.
2) Make sure your Wave of Conviction has added fire from faun's wands to only proc the fire exposure. Getting use out of that mastery. Adding an extra added fire/combustion is smart based on colors.
3) I don't bother with shield charge faster attacks until ~act 3 or ~act 6-8 based on when I feel like grabbing a shield. The damage early from wands feels better with my tree. If you pick up a great early weapon then grab the shield. 
4) Grab Runebinder until you kill Gravicius and have your Armageddon Brand. I also grab the life before the AoE in act 3, just feels really good early.

I mule a witch for a locked at level 1 arcane surge. Sue me.
Socket pressure off wands recommended!
Cruelty or inc aoe while mapping? - Jung comment from twitch vod

Auras acts 1-3 are Clarity, Vitality, Herald of Ash. On reaching EB you should not spec into it until you have refunded the 3 points leading to Righteous Decree, and fully specced Sovereignty.
Once you have Eldritch Battery, Auras are Herald of Ash, Determination, Discipline. 
If you feel like a speed demon/playing on SC can use Anger instead of Determination. Also grab Divine Blessing and rock that with Zealotry/Haste, your choice.

lvl 1 - 
Magma orb - ele prolif - combustion?
Holy Flame Totem - Added Fire - summon Phantasm.

Take Frostblink and holy flame totem from Tark.
Buy Flame Wall, summon phantasm, etc.

Take combustion on reaching prison. 
Conc Effect and Ele Focus. Take Herald of Ash. 
May want to look into a shield setup with faster attacks and shield charge if you have the sockets and drop a really good wand/sceptre.

RRB and BBB are colors. or BBR

Flammability QR at lvl 24.
Armageddon brand after Gravicius at 28.

Ele weakness level in offhand. 

Armageddon Brand
Immolate support
Arcane Surge? (until EB if ya only have 1 arcane surge/forgot to keep it level 1, whatever your reasons are) - Cruelty | Can also use conc effect ig.

My OG Build notes from Jung while watching the vid:
Mapping 4l
Armageddon Brand
Fire Pen

Life flask | Quicksilver Flask | Granite | Quartz | Silver  [Recommended]

BA to 63 or 64
Be on lookout for good shield in act 9 and 10. Once you get one, prioritize respeccing and grabbing Influence (this was before Influence got changed). Grab Arcane Sanctuary.
^ Also swap your life mastery to 10% inc. life.

Your choice of Tempest Shield or Arctic Armor before Final Ascendancy.