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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 89 Summon Raging Spirit Guardian3.23

Life: 4,916159%
ES: 1,061
Mana: 6
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/50%
Evade: 55%
Block: 57%
Spell Block: 56%
Armour: 17,374
Evasion: 10,115
DPS: 3,838,164
Speed: 8.11
Hit Chance: 100%
Pinnacle, Custom Mods
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of the Brine King


Convening WandAngelic Kite ShieldFluted BascinetElegant RingmailWyrmscale GauntletsHydrascale BootsCitrine AmuletAmethyst RingAmethyst RingDarkness Enthroned
Quicksilver FlaskGranite FlaskQuartz FlaskJade FlaskDivine Life Flask
Ghastly Eye JewelGhastly Eye Jewel


Summon Raging Spirit
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Elemental Focus
Flesh Offering
Elemental Weakness
Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Tempest Shield
Defiance Banner
Divine Blessing
Cast when Damage Taken
Feeding Frenzy
Summon Carrion Golem
Elemental Army
Flame Dash
Summon Sentinel of Radiance
Summon Elemental Relic

Tree Preview

Eldritch BatteryEldritch Battery
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
Minion Defence MasteryMinion Defence Mastery
  • Minions Recover 5% of Life on Minion Death
Minion Offence MasteryMinion Offence Mastery
  • Minions have +250 to Accuracy Rating
  • Minions Penetrate 8% of Cursed Enemies' Elemental Resistances
  • Minions have 30% increased Area of Effect
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • Auras from your Skills have 10% increased Effect on you
  • Non-Curse Aura Skills have 50% increased Duration
Shield MasteryShield Mastery
  • +1% Chance to Block Attack Damage per 5% Chance to Block on Equipped Shield
Spell Suppression MasterySpell Suppression Mastery
  • Chance to Suppress Spell Damage is Lucky


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This PoB has references from a few different creators. 


Support them and their content.

NOTE: This PoB may be updated as things progress, I will attempt to fix any errors or make updates as we learn more about the league if those updates are needed. Check
back on the original video occasionally to see if there are updates.


Summon Raging Spirits (aka SRS) Guardian is a low cost, SSF Friendly (this guide is not meant for SSF), temporary minion based build that makes progressing through the campaign 
and early maps trivial. Sentinel of Radiance allows you to mostly ignore all enemies besides very difficult ones and does most of the damage for you while you focus on looting and 
learning or speedrunning through zones.

This build is capable of scaling extremely well into endgame with significant money spent. I suggest that you look at Phaze's PoB for late endgame gear if and when you get to that point. 
This is only meant to get you to maybe 20 divines or so into the build depending on how popular it gets.

This is a minion build, meaning you are playing more of a supporting role to your minions, you will be doing lots of buffing and debuffing and not very much fighting yourself. This is
typically a positive thing for new players as it gives you time to learn the game and focus more on mechanics and the basics rather than trying to do optimal damage.

I have chosen to completely ignore Spectres and Animate Guardian as I feel those mechanics are simply not worth the hassle. They are a decent upgrade in damage and survivability
at the cost of being the most annoying minions to keep alive and manage in the game. 

If you wish to use them you will need to use a 4 Link with Raise Spectre - Animate Guardian - Meat Shield - Minion Life to keep them alive.
To fit all of these gems you will need to use Unset Rings for 2 abilities that do not need links, as well as drop 2 other gems, most likely Faster Attacks and Cast When Damage Taken.

You will also need to give these minions resistances through a Bone Ring, Minion Res Abyss Jewel, or the skill tree.

For Spectres you can use Arena Masters, Pale Seraphims, and Carnage Chieftains.

As for Animate Guardian gear I suggest looking up a basic guide by someone like GhazzyTV or use some items such as:
	Dying Breath
	Leer Cast
	Gruthkul's Pelt
	Southbound or Resist Gloves
	Legacy of Fury

Note the Animate Guardian that uses Smite that was revealed is probably good for this build.

Affliction Ascendancy

Early on I feel you can go any ascendancy. Lategame is almost assuredly the Primalist.

Tanky / Fast Option -> Warden of The Maji - Most likely to use Early
	Oath of The Maji - Movement Speed or All Res
	Wildwood Blessing - Use instead of Skitterbots or Grace or Determination? Need to see specifics on this skill.
	Lesson of the Seasons - Good for early Ailment mitigation until you get Stormshroud / Jewel / Boots

More Damage? -> Warlock of the Mists - Heavily depends on Soul Splitting

	Soul Splitting - Heavily depends on what this is, if it is an additional Effigy that you can damage as well as the boss it is great.
	Affliction or Creeping Lobotomy - Affliction Shouldnt count towards your curse count and only affect your minions, giving them MI, you some healing, and some damage.
	Foul Pact - Replace Punishment with Pacify or give your minions Onslaught.

Overall Best -> Wildwood Primalist - Most likely to use Late

	Might of the Bear - Who doesn't want 20 more inventory slots?
	All Charm Sockets - Ascendancy charms are insanely strong.
		Most likely use cases but IDK if any of these exist yet:
			Necromancer Minion Stats
			Trickster / Raider Suppression
			Champion Aura Affect or Fortify
			Gladiator Block Chance
			Chieftain Resist Functions
			Guardian Block Chance
			Occultist Explody

Frequently Asked Questions


	Q: I've watched the video, read through all of this, checked everything and the answer isn't here... where do I find it?

		A: Join my Discord Linked here -> https://discord.gg/WusyaTYXwA and ask in the Dedicated Thread for this build. I will do my best to answer as I get time. Others may also answer
		but take their info with a grain of salt, anyone can answer any question. Generally trust Admins / Mods / Helpers though.


	Q: When do I use Multistrike vs Melee Splash?

		A: The vast majority of the time you should be using Melee Splash, Multistrike is basically only for Pinnacle bosses or VERY difficult content.


	Q: How far can this build go? Is it able to do ALL of the content in the game?

		A: This is a league start guide, it is not designed to get you through the entirety of the content. That being said this build is capable of scaling extremely well. I suggest if you
		are looking to push this build VERY far take a look at PhazePlays SRS Deep Dive video and look at the super endgame trade setup there. That will be your best bet.
		This setup should get you through all of the normal versions of the pinnacle bosses and most other content. Ubers will need more gear.


	Q: When do I use Convocation? SHOULD I use Convocation?

		A: Either put it on Left Click and forget about it or use it when you are near a large pack of Blue / Yellow Mobs. In the late game once you are zooming through maps and farming
		you no longer need to use the ability. It is also not very helpful on Pinnacle bosses and such.


	Q: What Helm Enchant do I use? You don't have it listed here.

		A: They don't exist anymore.


	Q: Should I use any of these Transfigured Gems? This one looks cool!

		A: Maybe? We have not seen all of them as of making this guide and relying on transfigured gems for league start will probably be a mistake. That said, if it looks good, use it!


	Q: Do I have to use this leveling setup with Rolling Magma? I wanna play SRS!

		A: The Rolling Magma setup will be far more comfortable and fast than SRS is early game. That being said I have set it up so that you can go SRS early if you like, follow the normal
		trees and the SRS Leveling Gems.


	Q: Using Desecrate and Flesh Offering is really tedious and annoying, is there a better way?

		A: Upgrade to the Trigger Wand setup and automate these abilities for the rest of time, never remembering that they exist.


	Q: How do I use this Trigger wand setup?

		A: You obtain the Trigger wand craft from Unveiling items in Betrayal. Once you have the craft available you simply craft it on a wand. Place the Gems that you want to trigger into the
		wand IN ORDER from top to bottom. As you play and use abilities these will automatically cast.


	Q: What about the Sentinel and Divine Blessing Haste? Those are annoying to use also.

		A: Get the Aura mastery and cast them at the same time whenever Haste drops. There is no automating this part.


	Q: When do I swap to the different Trees and Items and Skill setups?

		A: The vast majority of people will probably end on the Mid Tier setup and then swap to their second character or be done for the league. Budget gear is meant to be the very basic 
		items you look for initially, you should always be looking to move towards the Mid Tier setup. You should only really upgrade to the Endgame gear if you plan on trying to do the very 
		endgame content and plan to push the character quite far.

		tl;dr - 
			First Time Playing the Game Ever -> Budget gear -> Decide if you are going to keep playing this character / game
			General League Start -> 2nd Character = Mid Tier Gear
			General League Start -> Maining This Character = Endgame Gear
			Wanting to Push Even Further Beyond Into Ubers and Such = Go Look at PhazePlays Deep Dive Video and prepare your wallet.


	Q: Which pieces of gear should I upgrade first?

		A: Flasks -> Max Ele Res + 50 Chaos Res -> Attributes -> 6 Link Chest -> Wand -> Shield -> Suppression Pieces -> Jewels  ->Gems 



Gods and Bandit options are in the Configuration.

Start as either Rolling Magma for faster and more consistent clear, or as Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) to become familiar with the skill, or if you like playing the main skill from the get go.
Either way you will be playing SRS at around Act 4 Level 38 when you obtain Unleash Support.

My suggestion is to do your first lab immediately upon being able to as the Sentinel of Radiance will carry you all the way up through maps.

NOTE: You may not be able to afford all of the gems at all times, if a gem says (Save or Buy Later) you can skip it initially and buy it later at maps if you cannot afford it right away.
Make sure you buy Summon Raging Spirits and level it for transitioning at 38 however.

Things to Look for at certain levels and quests:

Act 1:

Create a Ranger and progress to town, take off all your items including Momentum and place them in your stash. Check to see if there are movement speed boots or 3-link BBB items.

Enemy At the Gate:
	1 Rolling Magma
	1 Elemental Proliferation

Mercy Mission:
	1 Ruthless (Save or Buy Later)
	Quicksilver Flask #1

Breaking Some Eggs:
	4 Summon Raging Spirit (Save for Later) + Level in Offhand
	4 Molten Shell
	4 Frostblink
	4 Holy Flame Totem
	4 Flame Wall

The Caged Brute
	8 Combustion
	8 Melee Splash (Save or Buy Later)
	8 Minion Damage (Save or Buy Later)
	10 Clarity
	10 Vitality
	10 Flame Dash
	10 Leap Slam
	10 Shield Charge

The Siren's Cadence
	12 Flesh Offering (Save or Buy Later)

Act 2:

The Great White Beast
	Quicksilver Flask #2

Intruders in Black
	16 Herald of Ash
	16 Herald of Ice
	    ^^ Choose One vv Typically based upon what color sockets you have available.
	16 Herald of Thunder
	16 Tempest Shield (Save or Buy Later)
	16 Defiance Banner (Save or Buy Later)
	16 Desecrate (Save or Buy Later)

Sharp and Cruel
	18 Elemental Damage with Attacks (Save or Buy Later)

Act 3:

This is the act where you will want to finish your first lab, as soon as you get access to the final trial I suggest doing it and then lab if you are comfortable.

Lost in Love
	24 Elemental Weakness
	24 Convocation (Save or Buy Later)
	24 Determination
	     ^^ Choose One vv You will use Determination Later and it is preferred that you get resists on gear.
	24 Purity of Elements
	24 Punishment (Save or Buy Later)

Sever the Right Hand
	28 Armageddon Brand

A Fixture of Fate (NOTE: You must bring your currency with you to the Library to be able to purchase missing skill gems from Siosa)
	8 Faster Attacks
	16 Summon Skitterbots
	24 Haste (Save or Buy Later)
	31 Divine Blessing (Save or Buy Later)
	31 Elemental Army (Save or Buy Later)
	31 Feeding Frenzy (Save or Buy Later)

Act 4:

Breaking the Seal
	34 Carrion Golem (Save or Buy Later)

The Eternal Nightmare (NOTE: This is the point where you will swap to Summon Raging Spirits regardless of what you are playing)
	38 Unleash
	38 Multistrike
	38 Cast When Damage Taken

Act 5:

The Key to Freedom
	Granite Flask

The Ravenous God (NOTE: After this quest make sure to check your resists and update them)

Act 6:

Fallen from Grace (NOTE: This is the quest that brings Lilly to your hideout, she sells every single gem in the game and you can aquire any gems you may
have missed or skipped from her, albeit at Level 1.

Act 7:

This is the act where you can finish your second Lab, and obtain a significant single target boost.

The Silver Locket
	Jade Flask

Act 8:

Nothing of Note.

Act 9:

Nothing of Note.

Act 10:

This is the act where you can finish your third Lab, and obtain an increase to survivability.

Safe Passage
	Quartz Flask

An End to Hunger (NOTE: If you are going to do 3rd lab now, I suggest you do it before you complete this quest, after you complete it you will need to update
your resistances once again.

Entering the Endgame:

This is the point where you will want to double check resistances and make sure that you have all of your skill gems purchased and begin to level them.

This is also the point where you will be doing your 4th lab, after you find one of the trials in a Yellow or higher tier map. You will need the key from the end to enter the
final lab.

Basic Explanation of Endgame Mapping:

	Once you reach endgame in Path of Exile and a little bit before, you will start to notice these items called Maps begin to drop. These are important and the main
	method with which you experience the endgame.

	In general you will want to take these maps, roll them with currency, and then place them into the map device that will open 6 special portals to a new zone. This zone will have
	special modifiers that make the area more difficult, you will see these on the stats of the Map after rolling it. Be VERY aware of these modifiers as some of them will make things
	extremely dangerous.

	If you are interested in Atlas Strategies I have videos pertaining to this, look for one around league start time.

	Generally while you are completing your Atlas you will want to follow this basic guide

	Roll White (Tier 1-5) Maps as Magic with Transmutes and Augments
	Roll Yellow (Tier 6-10) Maps as Rare with Alchemys or Bindings
	Roll Red (Tier 11-16) Maps as Rare with Alchemys or Bindings and then use a Vaal orb to Corrupt It

	You do not always have to Vaal orb your Red Maps, once you have gotten them marked for completion and the bonus on your atlas, you can Vaal them if they roll terribly.

	Note that Vaal'ing a map can have many different outcomes and the final result may not be possible for your build.

Gameplay Loop

Early If Playing Rolling Magma - Drop Holy Flame Totem inside of Flame Wall and use Rolling Magma for extra damage, if you target a little bit before the enemy you can sometimes hit twice.
Move with either Leap Slam or Shield Charge as well as Frost Blink or Flame Dash for additional gap clear. If using Leap Slam use two swords or axes and craft added fire damage to spells.
If using Shield Charge look for an added damage to spells wand and craft added fire damage to spells. NOTE: Added Fire Damage to Spells is obtained through the door PAST Dialla when 
you first meet her. It is very easy to miss.

Early if Playing SRS - Use either Melee Splash or Infernal Legion to help with clear depending on your links. Use Summon Holy Relic to assist with keeping your minions alive. You can also
supplement your damage for bosses with Holy Flame Totem + Flame Wall. Use Shield Charge for movement and look out for Essences of Fear to craft on either a minion wand ideally or 
any other wand. Use Frost Blink or Flame Dash for additional gap clear.

Mid-Late Campaign - At the start of the zone, summon Sentinel, put Convocation on left click and Shield Charge all the way to the exit. You will kill most Normal/White monsters just by him 
existing. If you get more than 3 levels under the zone, stop and kill some extra Magic/Blue monsters until you catch up. For difficult enemies or bosses summon your Sentinel, 
Use Divine Blessing Haste if you are able, curse with Elemental Weakness and spam SRS.

Mapping and Beyond - Maintain your Sentinel, Golem, Flesh Offering and Divine Blessing Haste at all times, spawn SRS as needed. Put Convocation on left click or manually use it on rares
or difficult enemies, or stop using it altogether. For bosses maintain both of your curses, your Sentinel, Golem, Divine Blessing Haste, and maintain Flesh Offering 
with manually casting Desecrate or through a trigger wand craft. Maintain your Bastion of Hope by Shield Charging occasionally.

Crafting + Gearing

Early Budget / SSF Gear should be gear you craft yourself with Essences you find, or basic pieces you buy on the trade website.

Focus on maintaining your sockets and links, as well as resistances and life. Damage is always secondary if you are dying constantly.

Get as much Spell Suppression as you reasonably can. It is not realistic to hit 100% early on. More will make you more tanky, but we have other defensive layers available as well so it is 
not 100% required to have every piece with Suppression. But if you really want to be consistently safe ALL the time you will need to hit 100% Suppression chance without lucky.

Wildwood Primalist Charms with Suppression will make capping it trivial most likely also, adjust your gear as needed.

You need enough Energy Shield to cast your abilities and maintain Divine Blessing Haste with Eldritch Battery. Attempt to get this working as soon as possible.

NOTE: I HEAVILY suggest that you do some Betrayal as they show up in your maps, and even potentially farm them a bit early on to get access to the
trigger wand craft, it will make your life significantly easier. You can also find someone to craft this for you.

If the item is not listed in this section it means it is most likely just an item you will buy on trade or find on the ground.


		Mid Wand: - Use T3 Essences of Fear on a minion wand base (will say Can Roll Minion Modifiers) until you get ANY good modifiers and 1 Open Suffix.
							Craft Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill

		Exp Wand: - Obtain a Minion Wand Base of the highest type you can equip. Ilvl 84 if you're interested in T1 Minion Damage or Minion Attack Speed rolling naturally. Otherwise 64+.

							Use a 4 Socket Resonator with the Fossils (Corroded + Jagged + Metallic + Shuddering) for a 1 out of 12 chance at hitting +1 Minion / +1 Spell. This has a chance to roll 
							either Minion Damage or Spell Damage as a prefix. Minion Damage is the ideal modifier here but you need at least 1 suffix open to craft Trigger. You can craft 
							Prefixes cannot be changed and scour if you have 1 open suffix but the rest are bad or if you want a clean base for Multi-mod.
							Once you have your clean base, craft 3 Crafted Modifiers, Trigger, and either Minion Damage or Minion Attack and Cast Speed


		Exp Shield: - Obtain an ilvl 84+ Minion Shield, you can go for any fractured suffix you like, +Max Res, Chaos Res, Block Chance are all good. Fractured is not needed but suggested
							as this craft is expensive in general and you'll want the mods to be good.

							Use the Highest tier Greed Essence until you get T3+ Minion Damage and an open prefix. You might need to Annul slam, good luck.

							You must have 1 open suffix for the next step. If you have no open suffixes you will need to Annul slam, if you have 2 open suffixes you will need to craft a random prefix
							and use an Exalted Orb for a 2nd suffix.

							Craft Prefixes cannot be changed and Harvest Augment Fire for +1 Fire Skills.

							Craft Spell Suppression and Exalt Slam for a final suffix if you have one open.


		Exp Helmet: - Either buy a +1 or +2 Fractured Minion Gems helmet and attempt to craft with Essences / Eldritch Currency or find a Life/Resist +2 Minion Helmet and craft 
							Spell Suppression on it to hit 100%


		Exp Chest: - Obtain an ilvl 84+ Arm/EV Base with 16+ Spell Suppression Fractured (Higher will make it easier to gear elsewhere and allow you to annoint Entrench)

							Use Defensive Harvest Rerolls until you hit %Arm/EV and +Arm/EV Ideally, you can also use Armor or Evasion Essences until you hit %Arm/EV

							You need to make sure you have ONE open prefix and no life prefixes.

							If you have any suffixes present use Eldritch Currency to remove all of them.

							There are 2 paths forward from here. You have a consistent method to guarantee 1 mod and then you have to RNG the second. Or you can skip that step entirely
							and attempt to use Eldritch currency to finish suffixes.

							Craft 3 Crafted Modifiers + Prefixes Cannot Be Changed + 6%Fire/Lightning Taken as Phys and do a Harvest Reforge Physical for % Additional Reduced Phys.

							Use Eldritch Currency to Slam a Suffix for Resists, if it fails, you might have to give up on % Phys and go for multiple resists with Eldritch Currency.


		Exp Gloves: - Obtain ilvl 84+ Fractured Life or 12%+ Spell Suppression Gloves

							Use Minion Damage Essences to hit The other Mod above that you are looking for + maybe Resistances.

							Finish with Eldritch Currency.


		Exp Boots: - Obtain ilvl 84+ Fractured 12%+ Spell Suppression Boots

							Use Chaos Resist Essences until you hit T1 of any Elemental Resist Roll.

							Craft Suffixes cannot be changed. Use a Veiled Chaos Orb.

							Block Mana and Unveil for any of the Movement Speed Modifiers (ideally Inc Movespeed if you haven't Been hit).

							Craft Life and Slam for final Prefix.


		Exp Ring 1: - Either find a Life / Dex / Chaos Res / Ele Res Ring  on trade and craft -Mana Cost or + Energy Shield or

							Grab an ilvl 84+ T3+ Fractured Chaos Res on an ideally Amethyst Base (Expensive) or any other.

							Use Dexterity Essences until you hit any T1 Elemental Resist.

							Craft Suffixes cannot be changed, Veiled Chaos Orb.

							Block Mana and unveil for either +Life or -non channeling mana cost. Craft the other one.

							Exalt Slam if you have an open prefix.

		Exp Ring 2: - Just buy or find a High Life + Triple Res Ring. Not realistic to try and craft unless you want to make Ring #1 again and then go for
							double resist on gloves (which would be fine).

							Craft -Mana cost or +Energy Shield


		Darkness Enthroned: - Buy 90% Effect+ and make sure to put your best jewel in here alongside a %Shock avoid jewel to hit 100% Avoid for Stormshroud


		Flagellant's Prefix is ideal on all flasks.

		You don't have to get the corresponding suffix on the matching flask, get them anywhere.

		You can roll flasks yourself relatively easily with Alteration orbs and Augment orbs.

		Roll Flask 1 -> +3 on hit + any of the suffixes.

		Roll Flask 2 -> +3 on hit + any of the suffixes.

		Roll Flask 3 -> +3 on hit + better but same suffix as Flask 1

		Roll Flask 1 -> +3 on hit + any of the suffixes.


		Or just buy them, it is WAY easier.


		Fortress Covenant: - This HAS to be in a Cluster Jewel or it will not be worth it over a random Abyss Jewel. It also could be expensive early, replace with Rare Abyss Jewel if so.

		Stormshroud: - Only worth it when you have the Shock Avoid Abyss Jewel and Boot Implicit. Our source of Elemental Ailment Avoidance.

		Rare Abyss Jewel: - Go for Life + Minion Additional Cold Damage (Or any other added damage, Cold > Fire > Phys > Lightning), Minion Damage if You've Used a Minion Spell Recently
										and try to get ONE high roll Minion Accuracy Jewel if PoB says it is more damage than added.

		Rare Abyss Jewel /w Shock Avoidance: - You want 45%+ If you can manage it and then place it in the belt.

		Rare Abyss Jewel /w Corrupting Blood Corrupt Implicit: - You don't NEED this as your life flask removes it but get one if you spam your life flask too much and run out.

	Cluster Jewels:

		Large Cluster: - More Small Passives = Better, Ideally 12 but get what you can afford.

								You are looking for 25%inc or 35%inc as well as Minion Attack Speed and any other good mods. These can get EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

								Best way to make them yourself is to Alt / Aug / Regal or Reforge Attack Harvest.

								You can keep Renewal or Call to the Slaughter if you get them, but neither is ideal. Anything else just reroll unless it is insanely good otherwise.

		Medium Cluster: - Less Small Passives = Better, Only get 4 or 5.

								You are looking for Blessed Rebirth, Ideally you also get Renewal, other stats are very optional.


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