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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 100 MoM Arctic Armour Inquisitor3.21

Life: 10,054184%
ES: 171
Mana: 2,06380%
Resistances: 70%/70%/70%/70%
Supp: 100%
DPS: 0
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: None
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of Solaris


The Dark SeerBronze Tower ShieldRegicide MaskFrontier LeatherDragonscale GauntletsFugitive BootsEternal DamnationVermillion RingKalandra's TouchMicro-Distillery Belt
ProgenesisProgenesisRuby FlaskRuby Flask
Hypnotic Eye JewelVoicesVoicesNatural AffinityConqueror's PotencyForbidden FleshThe Balance of TerrorBloodnotchForbidden FlameImmutable ForceWatcher's EyeBrutal RestraintCobalt JewelCrimson JewelCrimson JewelCrimson Jewel


Anomalous Dash
Anomalous Second Wind
Divergent Arcane Cloak
Frost Bomb
Sigil of Power
Cast when Damage Taken
Blazing Salvo
Faster Casting
Spell Echo
Awakened Fire Penetration
Faster Projectiles
Arctic Armour
Creeping Frost
Cast when Damage Taken
Anomalous Immortal Call
Withering Step

Tree Preview

Iron WillIron Will
Mind Over MatterMind Over Matter
Energy Shield MasteryEnergy Shield Mastery
  • Stun Threshold is based on 60% of your Energy Shield instead of Life
Flask MasteryFlask Mastery
  • Recover 4% of Life when you use a Flask
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • You count as on Full Life while at 90% of maximum Life or above
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
  • +50 to maximum Life
  • You count as on Low Life while at 55% of maximum Life or below
  • Skills cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost
  • 10% more Maximum Life if you have at least 6 Life Masteries allocated


If you are looking for a different and unique playstyle in Path of Exile (PoE), a tanky Progenesis build may be for you.
 This build offers a high degree of survivability and damage avoidance, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer to play defensively.
 While it may not be the most popular build, it's certainly a showcase of how different and game balance can exist in PoE.

The key to this build is Progenesis, a unique item that triples the effective life of the character.
With 168 increased plus effect, paired with a lot of life recovery sustain, the life loss over time from it can be mitigated. 
Access to life recovery alone can sustain a lot of damage, but being over 4 seconds, it's a slow mechanic that's still weak to huge burst damage.

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