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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 95 Crit Hexblast Mine Saboteur3.23

Life: 4,291137%
ES: 892
Mana: 85
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/40%
Evade: 74%
Evasion: 17,888
DPS: 4,053,583
Speed: 3.99
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 71.23%
Crit Multi: 613%
Pinnacle, Frenzy, Power, 8x Wither, Custom Mods
Bandit: Kill All


Prophecy WandTitanium Spirit ShieldSandstorm VisageCloak of FlameAssassin's MittsMurder BootsMarylene's FallacyTwoStoneFLProfane ProxyHeavy Belt
Eternal Life FlaskQuartz FlaskQuicksilver FlaskJade FlaskTaste of Hate
Large Cluster JewelCobalt JewelCobalt JewelCobalt Jewel


High-Impact Mine
Charged Mines
Void Manipulation
Added Chaos Damage
Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Spell Totem
Multiple Totems
Summon Skitterbots
Increased Duration
Divine Blessing
Bear Trap
Immortal Call
Cast when Damage Taken
Increased Duration
Elemental Weakness

Tree Preview

Eldritch BatteryEldritch Battery
Critical MasteryCritical Mastery
  • +25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies
Evasion MasteryEvasion Mastery
  • 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't taken Damage Recently
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • Skills Cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
Mana MasteryMana Mastery
  • 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Mine MasteryMine Mastery
  • You gain 5% increased Area of Effect for each Mine
  • Each Mine applies 2% increased Damage taken to Enemies near it, up to 10%
  • Each Mine applies 2% reduced Damage dealt to Enemies near it, up to 10%


IMPORTANT: Resistances are not on the items. There are sufficient Suffixes to handle all your Resistances, use them and look out for them while buying items. 
Do NOT forget Chaos Resistance as well, it's semi-mandatory nowadays to get at least 30+%.  
If you are having trouble with colours, like red Sockets, drop some Eva/ES gear for Armour gear. Later, colours are easy and you should stick with Eva/ES gear. 

Hexblast has some unique features: 

1) 100% more Damage while an enemy is cursed. 

2) Hexblast also removes a curse whenever you hit with it, meaning you need to constantantly reapply your curse to keep up your damage. 

3) In total you have 2 Curses and get them from 2 different sources: 

1st Curse: Flammability OR Frostbite 
2cnd Curse:  Elemental Weakness 

	You get one Curse from a "Curse on Hit Ring" (Flammability, Frostbite or Elemental Weakness) 
	Whatever second Curse you are missing, you apply with the Unique Ring Profane Proxy (right Ring Slot). Before you get that Ring, just apply the Curse manually at Bosses and don't bother with it while mapping, Curse on Hit alone will carry 
	you for a long time. 

4) "Chaos Damage with Hits is Resisted by lowest Resistance instead"
	This means you want to use Elemental Weakness and then EITHER Frostbite OR Flammability to reduce a single element of your choosing, even though Hexblast is technically dealing Chaos Damage. 
	You reduce Resistances further by applying Exposure to enemies. If you are using Frostbite, get Cold Exposure (Gloves), if you are using Flammability, get Fire Exposure (Gloves, Wave of Conviction) 

5) Hexblast has a VERY low Critical Strike Chance of 4%. This means we have to increase our BASE Critical Strike Chance with: 

	- Increased Critical Strike Chance Support until we get: 

	- Sandstorm Visage Unique Helmet 

Once you have Sandstorm Visage, you can remove Critical Strike Chance Support for either Trap and Mine Damage Support or Empower Lvl 3/4 if you can afford it. 

6) Hexblast's Damage can Ignite, Shock and Freeze even though it deals Chaos Damage. 

Basics for Mines: 

- You can have a maximum of 15 Mines, and increase that with things from the Passive Tree or Support Gems. 
- After placing Mines, you can detonate all of them at once for damage, which you do with the "Detonate Mines" Key (Default on D)
- Mines reserve Mana while they are placed. The reservation is removed once the Mine explodes. 
- Mines have an Aura attached to them that buff other Mines around them, meaning the more Mines you place before Detonating, the more damage you will do in that "Mine Chain" once you press Detonate Mines.
- You can bind Detonate Mines to any other key, including your move button. Having it on move will mean mines explode immediately upon placing, saving you a button press. 
- However, if Mines are on left-click, you can't decently form Mine Chains while walking, making it awkward to use in any situations other than mapping. 
- Left-Click Detonate Mines is not a problem on Hexblast Mines, since the Mines only explode if an enemy is nearby, this means
	that we can place mines before a boss spawns and still walk around (Huge Quality of Life and way more fun to play) 
- On Stormblast and Pyroclast Mines, it's up to you wether you want an extra button or less damage, try out what feel better to you! 

- For Level 2-27, we're using Stormblast Mine + Orb of Storms as our main damage dealers. Throw down an Orb of Storms, and while inside it, cast Stormblast Mines for extra Damage. 
- During Leveling, prioritize getting Resistances and Life on your gear. 
- You might need some Attributes during Leveling, get those from your Amulet Implicit, or the crafting bench! (also Strength from Heavy Belt) 
- Your wand should have "Added Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage to Spells" and some "Spell Damage" (+to Gem Levels is great if you find it but not required)
For a comprehensive Walkthrough, check out this video: [Link to Leveling Guide]

Stormblast Mines (Lvl 1-27): 

Stormblast Mines (A1, Lvl 2)
Swift Assembly (A1, Lvl 4)
Added Lightning Damage (A1, Lvl 8)

Orb of Storms (A1, Lvl 4)
Added Lightning Damage (A1, Lvl 8)
Controlled Destruction (A2, Lvl 18)

Flame Dash (A1, Lvl 10)

Summon Skitterbots (A2, Lvl 16)
Herald of Thunder (A2, Lvl 16)

Bear Trap (A1, Lvl 4)

Pyroclast Mines (lvl 28-x): 

Pyroclast Mines (Lvl 28)
Swift Assembly (swap this to Minefield once you feel comfortable with it, it's A LOT more damage)
Charged Mines (from Fixture of Fate
Elemental Focus

Shield Charge (from Fixture of Fate Quest in A3)
Faster Attacks (Lvl 8)
Momentum Support (Level 4) 

Summon Skitterbots (A2, Lvl 16)
Grace (Lvl 24) (Try to fit this in over Herald of thunder ASAP, only if you have enough mana to reserve for your Mines though) 

Bear Trap (Lvl 4)  

Wave of Conviction (Lvl 18)


You can stay Pyroclast Mines as long as you want, it's a strong skill and can clear everything in the game. 

If you want to transition to Hexblast Mines you need:  

1) At least a 5-Link
2) A Curse on Hit Ring (Flammability, Frostbite or Elemental Weakness) 
	On trade it's probably easiest to buy it, on SSF you can farm it from Fire and Cold nodes ("contains Fire/Cold Items) 
3) A leveled Hexblast (Lv 17+) 

Some people say they don't like Hexblast Mines until they get Profane Proxy, in that case wait until you can afford it.