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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 90 Crit Storm Brand Inquisitor3.24

Life: 5,874195%
ES: 388
Resistances: 80%/78%/78%/-2%
Block: 75%
Spell Block: 72%
Armour: 29,884
DPS: 1,582,442
Speed: 1.76
Hit Rate: 2.64
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 75.00%
Crit Multi: 219%
Config: Pinnacle, Power
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of the Brine King


SingularityRathpith GlobeEzomyte BurgonetTabula RasaAntique GauntletsTwoTonedArEvXoph's HeartTwoStoneCLTwoStoneCLDarkness Enthroned
Diamond FlaskGranite FlaskSulphur FlaskQuartz FlaskAmethyst Flask
Hypnotic Eye JewelHypnotic Eye JewelThe Red NightmareCobalt JewelCobalt Jewel


Awakened Unleash
Increased Critical Damage
Awakened Elemental Focus
Eternal Blessing
Storm Brand
Power Charge On Critical
Righteous Fire
Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Flame Dash
Summon Stone Golem
Enduring Cry
Molten Shell
Cast when Damage Taken
Wave of Conviction
Assassin's Mark

Tree Preview

Blood MagicBlood Magic
Glancing BlowsGlancing Blows
Unwavering StanceUnwavering Stance
Warlord's CallWarlord's Call
Armour MasteryArmour Mastery
  • You take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
Armour and Energy Shield MasteryArmour and Energy Shield Mastery
  • 10% of Armour also applies to Chaos Damage taken from Hits
Block MasteryBlock Mastery
  • 3% increased Spell Damage per 5% Chance to Block Spell Damage
Fire MasteryFire Mastery
  • Critical Strikes do not inherently Ignite
  • 100% increased Damage with Hits against Ignited Enemies
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
  • +50 to maximum Life
Protection MasteryProtection Mastery
  • Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you