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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 95 Seismic Trap Saboteur3.23

Life: 3,12683%
ES: 658
Mana: 58
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/61%
Evade: 92%
Evasion: 23,316
DPS: 2,733,696
Speed: 2.64
Hit Rate: 1.69
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: Pinnacle, 15% Shock, Frenzy, 15x Wither
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of the Brine King, Soul of Shakari


Cold Iron PointSupreme Spiked ShieldThe Devouring DiademDialla's MalefactionDragonscale GauntletsDragonscale BootsAgate AmuletAmethyst RingAmethyst RingCrystal Belt
Eternal Life FlaskGranite FlaskJade FlaskQuicksilver FlaskQuartz Flask
Large Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelThread of HopeCobalt JewelCobalt Jewel


Seismic Trap
Chance to Poison
Advanced Traps
Unbound Ailments
Trap and Mine Damage
Cluster Traps
Blade Trap
Trap and Mine Damage
Chance to Poison
Vaal Grace
Herald of Agony
Summon Skitterbots
Petrified Blood
Shield Charge
Temporal Chains
Cast when Damage Taken
Vaal Molten Shell
Divine Blessing
Withering Step
Flame Dash

Tree Preview

Chaos MasteryChaos Mastery
  • 40% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
Duration MasteryDuration Mastery
  • 10% more Skill Effect Duration
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
Poison MasteryPoison Mastery
  • Poisons you inflict deal Damage 20% faster
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • 8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you
Spell Suppression MasterySpell Suppression Mastery
  • You have Phasing if you have Suppressed Spell Damage Recently
  • +8% chance to Suppress Spell Damage while Phasing
Trap MasteryTrap Mastery
  • 60% increased Trap Trigger Area of Effect


Act 1
Caustic Arrow ? Void Manipulation ? Pierce
Puncture ? Mirage Archer ? Chance to Bleed
Dash (Flame Dash at Level 10)
Withering Step

Act 2
Poisonous Concoction ? Void Manipulation ? Lesser Multiple Projectiles
Flame Dash
Withering Step
Herald of Agony

Act 3
Poisonous Concoction ? Void Manipulation ? Lesser Multiple Projectiles ? Volley
Flame Dash
Withering Step
Herald of Agony
Shield Charge ? Faster Attacks

Act 7-10
Seismic Trap ? Trap and Mine Damage ? Unbound Ailments ? Advanced Traps
Exsanguinate ? Trap ? Cluster Traps ? Chain
Summon Skitterbots
Flame Dash
Withering Step
Herald of Agony
Shield Charge ? Faster Attacks

I dont meet the Intelligence Requirement
This build requires 155 Intelligence and Strength, so you have to make sure to get some attributes on your Jewellery.

How to fix Mana Issues?
Our Helmet grants us the Eldritch Battery talent, which causes us to use Energy Shield before Mana. Before you get this Helmet, your Auras will not have enough Reservation Efficency.
You can get a Mana Node on the right side of the Passive Tree for 12% additional Reservation Efficiency if needed.

I cannot use Malevolence?
With Eldritch Battery, you use Energy Shield before Mana. Make sure to have some Energy Shield available to you, preferably on our Belt ? Crystal Belt which grants already 80 Energy Shield.
Divine Blessing will cost over 520 Energy Shield, and make sure to keep Divine Blessing on Level 1, so its costs are reduced!

What to do before i get Empower?
Use Cruelty instead. Dont worry about the crafted Bow, its not worth switching the Craft for it. You will get Empower eventually.

I cant use my Auras?
Even with an Enlighten Gem, you need a Helmet with Mana Reservation Efficiency. You need to use Essence of Loathing to craft your Helmet. Preferably, use a Base with fractured Spell Suppression if you have the Budget. 

+2 Amulet
Buy a clean Amulet with only +1 All Skill Gems on it, or try your best with Alteration Orbs
Craft "Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifier" and use a Bestiary Imprint to save the Item
Regal Orb
Craft "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers" and "Prefixes cannot be changed", and if needed a 3rd Suffix to fill them up
Go to your Harvest Crafting Bench and craft "Reforge Item, including Chaos modifier"
You can now continue crafting it to your liking and budget by crafting Prefixes cannot be changed and Scouring Orb, or just craft "up to 3 crafted modifiers" again and fill up with some desired mods.

Showcase: https://youtu.be/s-t9nEJaEFY?t=914