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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 95 Crit Cleave Slayer3.23

Life: 4,079107%
Mana: 59
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/20%
Armour: 29,903
DPS: 52,031,588
Speed: 7.95
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 100.00%
Crit Multi: 516%
Config: Pinnacle, 30% Scorch, 4% Brittle, 20% Sap, Frenzy, Power
Bandit: Kill All
Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari


VoidforgeAbyssusAstral PlateAncient GauntletsShagreen BootsTurquoise AmuletAmethyst RingAmethyst RingRyslatha's Coil
Divine Life FlaskQuicksilver FlaskDiamond FlaskGranite FlaskSilver Flask
The InterrogationLarge Cluster JewelForbidden FleshForbidden FlameWatcher's EyeLethal PrideAncestral Vision


Anomalous Molten Shell
Cast when Damage Taken
Blood Rage
Phantasmal Ancestral Protector
Vaal Ancestral Warchief
Multiple Totems
Enduring Cry
Leap Slam
Assassin's Mark
Mark On Hit
Phantasmal Vaal Cleave
Close Combat
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks
Awakened Melee Physical Damage
Divergent Multistrike
Blood and Sand
Herald of Purity
Defiance Banner
Elemental Weakness

Tree Preview

Call to ArmsCall to Arms
Elemental EquilibriumElemental Equilibrium
Iron ReflexesIron Reflexes
Critical MasteryCritical Mastery
  • +25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies
Fortify MasteryFortify Mastery
  • Melee Hits Fortify
  • -3 to maximum Fortification
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • +50 to maximum Life
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • 8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you
Sword MasterySword Mastery
  • 8% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you Hit a Unique Enemy
Two Hand MasteryTwo Hand Mastery
  • 40% increased Damage with Hits against Rare and Unique Enemies