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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 100 Crit Tornado Shot Deadeye3.22

Life: 3,41784%
ES: 158
Mana: 20
Resistances: 75%/75%/76%/75%
Evade: 40%
Supp: 100%
Armour: 27,061
DPS: 2,191,498
Speed: 10.10
Hit Chance: 100%
Crit Chance: 93.92%
Crit Multi: 350%
Config: Pinnacle, 5% Shock, Frenzy, Power
Bandit: Kill All


Spine BowBroadhead Arrow QuiverAsenath's MarkGrasping MailDragonscale GauntletsHydrascale BootsBadge of the BrotherhoodTwoStoneFLTwoStoneFLMageblood
Sapphire FlaskRuby FlaskTopaz FlaskGranite FlaskProgenesis
VoicesLarge Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelSmall Cluster JewelForbidden FleshForbidden FlameWatcher's EyeBrutal RestraintAncestral VisionImpossible Escape


Anomalous Molten Shell
Cast when Damage Taken
Divergent Arctic Armour
Sniper's Mark
Divergent Inspiration
Anomalous Blood Rage
Anomalous Blood and Sand
Divergent Mark On Hit
Anomalous Ensnaring Arrow
Manaforged Arrows
Cast On Critical Strike
Anomalous Determination
Lightning Warp
Divergent Tornado Shot
Awakened Chain
Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles
Anomalous Inspiration
Power Charge On Critical

Tree Preview

Honoured Tattoo of the Storm
+1% to maximum Lightning Resistance +1 to Maximum Power Charges Limited to 1 Attribute Notable Tattoo
Honoured Tattoo of the Tuatara(x2)
+4 to all Attributes
Loyalty Tattoo of Ahuana
Trigger Summon Spirit of Ahuana Skill when you Suppress Spell Damage from a Unique Enemy Limited to 1 Loyalty Tattoo
Tattoo of the Ramako Makanga(x2)
Skills fire an additional Projectile Requires at least 7 adjacent Passive Skills to be allocated
Tattoo of the Ramako Shaman(x3)
+2% chance to Suppress Spell Damage
Tattoo of the Ramako Sniper(x14)
8% increased Projectile Speed
Tattoo of the Tasalio Warrior
5% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks
Accuracy MasteryAccuracy Mastery
  • +500 to Accuracy Rating
  • -2 to Accuracy Rating per Level
Bow MasteryBow Mastery
  • Increases and Reductions to Projectile Speed also apply to Damage with Bows
Elemental MasteryElemental Mastery
  • 60% reduced Reflected Elemental Damage taken
Leech MasteryLeech Mastery
  • 10% of Leech is Instant
Mark MasteryMark Mastery
  • 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you Hit your Marked Enemy
Projectile MasteryProjectile Mastery
  • 15% more Projectile Speed