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Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 100 Crit Lightning Arrow Deadeye3.23

Life: 4,353126%
ES: 109
Mana: 79
Resistances: 75%/75%/75%/75%
Evade: 92%
Evasion: 59,215
DPS: 932,660
Speed: 3.79
Hit Chance: 98%
Crit Chance: 69.04%
Crit Multi: 434%
Config: Pinnacle, Frenzy, Power
Bandit: Kill All


Spine BowBroadhead Arrow QuiverLion PeltZodiac LeatherShadows and DustShagreen BootsHyrri's TruthTwoStoneCLAmethyst RingStygian Vise
Diamond FlaskJade FlaskDying SunQuicksilver FlaskEternal Life Flask
Searching Eye JewelWatcher's EyeLethal PrideLupine CharmLupine CharmLupine CharmViridian Jewel


Immortal Call
Cast when Damage Taken
Flame Dash
Power Charge On Critical
Manaforged Arrows
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Mirage Archer
Returning Projectiles
Vaal Lightning Arrow
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Ballista Totem
Tornado Shot
Focused Ballista
Increased Critical Damage
Dread Banner
Sniper's Mark
Mark On Hit

Tree Preview

Might of the BearMight of the Bear
Blind MasteryBlind Mastery
  • 60% increased Critical Strike Chance against Blinded Enemies
Bow MasteryBow Mastery
  • Increases and Reductions to Projectile Speed also apply to Damage with Bows
  • Arrows gain Critical Strike Chance as they travel farther, up to 100% increased Critical Strike Chance
Critical MasteryCritical Mastery
  • 50% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments you inflict with Critical Strikes
Elemental MasteryElemental Mastery
  • Hits have 25% chance to treat Enemy Monster Elemental Resistance values as inverted
Evasion MasteryEvasion Mastery
  • +15% chance to Suppress Spell Damage if Equipped Helmet, Body Armour, Gloves, and Boots all have Evasion Rating
Leech MasteryLeech Mastery
  • 10% of Leech is Instant
Life MasteryLife Mastery
  • 15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour
  • +50 to maximum Life
  • Skills Cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost
Mark MasteryMark Mastery
  • Marked Enemy cannot Regenerate Life
Reservation MasteryReservation Mastery
  • Auras from your Skills have 10% increased Effect on you