Ascendancy ThumbnailLevel 100 CI Herald of Agony Guardian3.22

Life: 1
ES: 3,897
Ward: 400
Mana: 106
Pool: 3,898
Resistances: 75%/80%/75%/13%
Evade: 73%
Supp: 100%
Block: 48%
Spell Block: 74%
Armour: 55,359
Evasion: 17,558
DPS: 28,441,948
Speed: 3.78
Hit Chance: 100%
Config: Pinnacle, Power, 15x Wither


United in DreamAegis AuroraEber's UnificationSkin of the LordsTriad GripAssassin's BootsUul-Netol's VowCircle of NostalgiaCircle of NostalgiaStygian Vise
Rumi's ConcoctionQuicksilver FlaskBasalt FlaskJade FlaskElixir of the Unbroken Circle
Ghastly Eye JewelGhastly Eye JewelLarge Cluster JewelLarge Cluster JewelLarge Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelMedium Cluster JewelSmall Cluster JewelSmall Cluster JewelSmall Cluster JewelSplit PersonalityWatcher's EyeGlorious VanityAncestral VisionThe Golden RuleGhastly Eye Jewel


Divergent Herald of Agony
Anomalous Empower
Awakened Minion Damage
Awakened Void Manipulation
Awakened Vicious Projectiles
Damage on Full Life
Divergent Storm Burst
Awakened Cast While Channelling
Faster Casting
Anomalous Vaal Firestorm
Temporal Chains
Arcanist Brand
Divergent Determination
Anomalous Discipline
Divergent Tempest Shield
Anomalous Grace
Vaal Molten Shell
Divergent Frost Shield
Anomalous Withering Step
Anomalous Void Sphere
Void Gaze
Arcanist Brand

Tree Preview

Chaos InoculationChaos Inoculation
Ghost DanceGhost Dance
Zealot's OathZealot's Oath
Curse MasteryCurse Mastery
  • +20% chance to Ignite, Freeze, Shock, and Poison Cursed Enemies
Mana MasteryMana Mastery
  • 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Poison MasteryPoison Mastery
  • Enemies Poisoned by you cannot deal Critical Strikes


Thank you so much Luetjeminze!!

I never experienced such a skilled poe-pob-er!
So much fun to celebrate with you this game and hack!
We path it nice again soon!

New Videos: Channel playL

The notes here are not always updated, please check and use the buildguide in the forum:


This build shows the paths and developments of easy scaleable gear-set-ups. 
Please scroll through the passive trees for the different keystones on Skin of the Lords and further up for all levelling passive trees.
Please scroll through the item-tabs for progressing gear from levelling to endgame.
Manually check "Minions have unholy might" for correct mapping damage (add 6-10M)
Disable Envy (Aura of sword united in dreams) - it is not used in this build! (PoB always enables it.)


1)  Levelling Trees with item tab "Levelling Items" and skill tab "Levelling skills lvl 1-70"
2)  Tree Lvl 90 before Aul's uprising &  item tab Lvl 90 before Aul's uprising and the skill-tab "final gems"
3)  Final Trees with the item tab "Final items: United in dreams" and the skill-tab "final gems"
4)  Final Tree The Ubers with item tab "The Ubers: Uul Netol's amulet" and skill-tab "The Ubers" (enlighten instead grace, firestorm, etc.)
5)  100% Spell suppression with item tab 100% Spell Suppression (Skin of the Lords Magebane) and Skill tab 100% Spell suppression

When the tree shows high overcapped spellblock, please disable the skill tempest shield manually.

With United in Dreams/ Uul Netol's vow cexchange sniper's mark to temporal chains singletarget.

5)  For science: Added the Full_Glascannon & + Full_Glascannon Item-Tab (Uul Netol's amulet: Predator, The Squire shield feeding frenzy, awakened minion damage, awakened melee physical damage + Awakened Empower HoA + Awakened Multistrike spiders, Keystone divine Shield: 89.5M  damage)

There are also tree-tabs for Levelling and before CI and transformed to CI and separated item-tabs for levelling items and starter/ low-budget-gear.
There are special tree tabs for following Keystones integrated in / granted by Skin of the Lords to optimize pathing of keystones and use of jewel-slots:

1) Skin of the Lords, Ghost dance, best balanced colours: 4 g, 1 r, 1b (or 3g, 2r, 1b)
2) Skin of the Lords, Divine Shield, check the special tree-tabs in pob
3) Skin of the Lords, Wicked ward, also: Runebinder, Zealoth's Oath, many neutral keystones, Skin of the Loyals
4) For melee cyclone: Resolute Technique

All editions are similar based on the same fundament:

They vary mainly in: 

- the gloves rare gloves or 4 white sockets triad grips
-the used/ unused aura tempestshield
- clusters


--- pob is sometimes not calculating unreserved mana correct - pob's manamanagement is tested and work ----

--- pob is sometimes disabling arakaali's fang + raise spiders: enable them manually counted 20x for calculating correct full damage ---

--- pob is sometimes disabling the second curse "despair" in the chaos/ voices- edtion ---

--- Manually check "Minions have unholy might" for mapping damage or change the minion-offence mastery to "increased buff of offerings" singletarget ---

--- Manually check 10 more virulences = 70 virulences in the voices-70-edition ---

This build shows improving paths of easy scaleable gear-set-ups.

Damage and defences are balanced a bit different with gloves, amulet and clusters and you can switch the set-ups easy and fast.

1.) Starter Set-up

Begin relaxed to develop your manamanagement around lvl 80.

With the HoAg-helmet enchant, 3 small clusters and an amulet for aura-reservation-efficiencies you master your mana to activate all big auras.

With 1-2 large clusters for spellblockings and a flask Rumi's concoction you max your defences and recovery. When you reach 100% ailments-immunities with eldritch-boots you are already geared for almost all content.

2.) Boss-Hunter 60 Edition Fullblock 20 M shaper damage

Optimize your damage with adding full "pure agony" on all medium clusters.

Also easy around lvl 90 you tripple up your ehp.
With a third large cluster and resis on every clustertransferpoint you take in your melding of the flesh. You start stacking +85% up to +89% + max resistances. Your substain is multiplied using 3 - 5 keystones.

You reach an unique record of 1M-inf*Ehp.
You can easy plug in 5 passives of the chaos-mastery +1 for more damage when wanted.

3.) 100% Chaos-Conversion-Edition: The Highway to damage 20-50 M shaper-damage

Now lift off into full force in the elegancy of white triad grips.

When you builded up poisonchance with a Divergent HoAg lvl 21 gem, it's your final boarding time for "100% Chaosconversion".
Used for The Feared, UE and Simulacrum Wave 30 it's still played top tanky for safe 100 levels.

With voices clusters you improve further to 30M shaper-damage. Stacking 80-85 virulences, bearing Uul's Netol's Vow amulet and wielding United in Dreams finalize your 50M damage against the last Ubers in still remaining full tankyness.

With the Squirel with 150k ehp like common squishy occus ;-) 89M are possible.

Herald Of Agony - DAMAGE-SCALING

divergent storm burst (lvl 2)
faster casting (lvl 20)
divergent storm brand (lvl 1) - or anomalous purifying flame

For b.i.s. playstyle when you obtained a full lvl 21 divergent HoA switch chance to poison out to anomalous spell echo instead in for more cast speed and faster stacking of 60 virulences

This set-up charges up instant the damage of your Herald.

Simply spam storm burst /stormbrands.

Cast storm burst, when you want to move in boss-fights cast 3x storm brands also.
/ or inverse: Cast some storm brands. When you want more damage or on bosses cast storm burst too.

Combinate in gear, clusters and mainskill the following main components and dominating factors for your total damage:

I.) Get cast speed faster casting

II.) Skill up 80-100% chance to poison:

40% chance to poison support
25% 2 passives serpentine spellslinger
20% HoA-buff
20% curse mastery (use whispers of doom 2 curses: Despair, mapping: sniper's mark 5 splitting projectiles, bosses temporal chains)

In Endgame:

+ 20% more of lvl 21 Divergent Hoa-buff
+ change chance to poison-support to anomalous spell echo


20% alternative increased HoA buff on circle of nostalgia
20% septic spells
discord artisan

The fast poison quadruples your damage. Check the counter in the green HoA-aura-icon for the max virulences.

III.) Insert 4x pure agony medium clusters

IV.) Climb 28-31 HoAg gemlevels:

+1 HoA lvl 21
+4 2x +2 skin of the lords (+2 HoAg, +2 Empower = +4)
+3 empower
+1 awakened miniondamage
+1 awakened void manipulation
+1 chaos mastery

Full Damage Edition - 100% Chaos Inversion

Gloves Triad grips with 4 white sockets is the variant for scaling up another 3, 4, 5 M damage and more.

You loose a bit es, stats and you need switched in additional increased 20% poisonchance like listed just above to switch out the supportgem chance to poison in these solely 4 links instead the integrated 6-links of rare gloves.

Or try out:

More interruptions in movement and less damage-uptime, but good virulences on only 4 links of triad gripes are offered the supports:

storm burst - awakened cast while channeling - chance to poison - ball-lightnings

V.)  wither debuffs of spiders of arakaali's fang

VI.) Debuffs of void gaze of helmet Eber's Unification

==? For all important factors please head to the spoiler "checklist damage" and "checklist defences" at the bottom of the build.

For full damage facetank much and fire almost nonstop ball-lightnings:

More & fast ball-lightnings / + 3 storm brands --> more virulences --> much more (4x) HoA damage

Virulences while moving

This set-up is recommended for bosses like Maven and UE, fast mapping and speedlevelling. 
Singletarget you stack around 30 virulences solely with three thrown storm brands also while moving, 40 with runebinder, and 60 combined with ball-lightnings. 
Add serpentine spellslinger as passive for 80-100% chance to poison to get ---> much more 4x HoA damage.

Checklist defences:

1. Check your elemental resistances. They have to be capped and have to be all 75++%.

2. Check your flasks.

- Do you have antibleeding on one flask?
- Do you have autotriggered flasks like anti-bleeding "used when you use a travel skill" on the quicksilver-flask or on other flaks "used when you charges reach full"?
- anti-ignite before you got immunities on boots and anti-curse without purifying flame/bottled faith?
- Is the quality of all your flasks 20%? With flasks charges gained when hit?

3. Check your pantheon.

- Do you have in the minor Pantheon and immunity to burning ground?
As CI it's most important to recharge your es. Max the Pantheons with divine vessels in the maps.

4. Check your blockings.

- Do you have max 60-75% spellblock? When not you need blockings on Rumi's concotion?
It's your priority for recovery against the spellhits of the big bosses!
Against final bosses it's best not depending on Rumi's Flask and use a rare granite flask including "charges gain when hit"!
- Do you have 40% attackblock and high 60% evasion of grace? Or without grace 60% attackblock?

5. Do you have obtained all the important jewels in the passive tree?

- Do you already use 'the melding of the flesh'?
It's since [3.18] meta to max resistances to 85%-90%.
- Use "the golden rule" not before transformed to CI (or before CI not without "maw of the conquest")
- Do you have "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" on one implicit on one jewel? A lot bosses can kill you very fast without.

6. Other basics

- Do you use and spam Molten Shell and Vaal Discipline? Use them often!
- Do you have 4 ascendancies in the labyrinths done?
- Don't use cast when stunned in combination with bastion of hope
- Do you have activated all the auras "Determination" for high ar and es on block-recovery and "Grace", "Discipline"?

7. Check your tanky gems

While your defensive skill gems like determination, molten shell, frost shield, (vaal) discipline, grace, cast when stunned are levelling up, you will get a lot more defense with raising levels of course. When you have too much too weak lvl 1 gems socketed on your gear it is dangerous and you have to level them a bit before returning in high content.

- Do you use "Divergent": Cast when stunned, Frost Shield, Sniper's mark for some divergent tanky effects?

8. Do you often die of ailments?

Please take a look in the spoiler: "fire and other ailments" to reach 100% ailments-immunities with eldritch-boots.
Visit also "Pantheon". Use fast the shield anti-ailments-mastery.

9. Check your Es

You need total minimum around 4000 to 6000 energyshield for all content. Estimated and thumbed. In my experiences. Try to get more to get more reaction time in damage-peaks! Some more is much better! With all the defensive layers and 90 % pdr you will never be oneshotted and when there are blockable hits, you will get healed fast and nonstop.

- When your defences are builded up 6 k es are enough.
- With 100% ailment-immunities and 70% full spellblock 5 k es are great.
- With "melding of the flesh" 87 % all maxresis 4.5 k es are fine top tanky.
- With mageblood 4 k es guard you in immortality

"Sanctum of thoughts" (300 es), "Insightfulness" or the jewel "split personality" with es/ dex/ int grant needed energy shield before you get it on other slots.

You should use beside elixier of the unbroken circle (400 es) /iron flask .

Don't forget your ascendancy Radiant Faith! The less unreserved manapoints you have, the more ES you get. You need only 80-110 unreserved mana points for skills and supports remaining. When you have more switch out reservation efficiencies.

Use more slots of energy shield and armour on your boots (150-250), belt (50) and jewels. They multiply a lot with your ascendancy and passives.

? Or exchange a large or also a medium cluster into defences with spellblockings, ailments-immunities or +es-notables or sanctum of thoughts.

10. Do you have problems with a special boss?
==? Please take a look on "boss-hunting" in "endgame".

11. Know the dangerous map-mods:

- "no mana recovery" (reroll or use enduring mana flask)
- "reduced effect of auras", especially with purity of ice
- "less armour and block"

Much too much multiple mods mounted up like:

- without melding of the flesh "reduced maximal resistances"
- multiple damage/ vulnerabilities - mods

12. Know the dangerous Altars:

- before 80-100% immunities "ignites" searing exarch-altars
- most exarchs' and eater's altar-mods are fast and rippy stacked to many 100's % additional damage. Choose first the chaos-mods as CI, ailments-mods when you are 100% immune, etc.
- of course choices like -50% resis (when you don't have 40% overcapped resis).

13. Know the dangerous Atlas keystone:

- Wrath of the cosmos

14. Do you often die of dot/ degen?

Take in Wicked Ward.
When you reached 100% ailment-avoidances take in Lethe Shade.
Use a watcher's eye es on hit for much active recovery.
CwC Purifying flame or Bottled Faith are great tanky.

15. Visit the spoiler "endgame" ==? "Level 100" to balance some skills into defences like frostwalls, meatshields phantasms and more.

16. You could improve with forbidden flame and flesh and Hiero's sanctuary of thoughts ...

17. ... or do you have enough currency for better the best ..... for the meta-mageblood-belt?

All Tradelinks and levelling and budget-variations:

100% Chaosconversion Edition

Thanks a lot to Monik390 to bring in more chaos, hehe, with triad grips!

We added in the pob a new tree-tab and item-tab "100% chaosconversion 17M"

It reaches 17.5 M damage, 6.7 k es, and 88-220k ehp, with buffed fullblocks 68% attack/ 73% spellblock, 122k armour, 2.4k es/ block. 

Add manually the feeding frenzy instead unbound ailments in the dagger-supports, and awakened void manipulation for the HoA (with lvl 31 b.i.s. support) and feeding frenzy buff in configuration.

This very nice chaos-edition has a lot advantages of iron reflexes with high armour and high es on block. 

It balance some defences, es and overcapped resistances and, that I still need to try out for problems, singletarget-castspeed of rare gloves into the chaos-mastery, a minion-damage-mastery with increased effects of offerings, and high damage of white socketed triad grips. 

To rebalance this missing castspeed of rare gloves outside maps (only in single-boss-arenas) with integrated faster casting/ slower projectiles it's possible to change the set-up in gloves to: 

anomalous ball-lightnings- anomalous spellecho- faster casting-chance to poison

This way of supports return in enough cast speed, but loose  greater multiple projectiles supports and stormbrands.

The 100% chaos conversion uses the interactions of eber's unification, void gaze, spirit offering, 15 withers, sniper's mark, awakened void manipulation, and tipping point HoA level 31.

Compared to the "hatred"-edition with elemental equilirium as keystone on the skin of the lords it has mainly a lot more armour with grace and iron reflexes or high evasion and some regenration with "ghost dance" and it is easier to reach gear with enough sockets in this chaos-setup.

Levelling and starting:

Herald of Agony is levelling a bit slow, but a very relaxing and safe minion build. With using storm brand linked to poison up virulences to raise your crawler you can move faster as with other skills and uninterrupted. Throw your brands and just move on.

You can get the core-skills HoA, chance to poison support and ball-lightnings first time in end of act 3 after completing the quest "A Fixture of Fate" by Siosa in the imperial gardens/ library . Storm brand is already available act 1, as reward after the quest "The Siren's Cadence".

When you start early with Herald of Agony, link your attack like ball-lightning and/ or storm brand to "chance to poison support" or take viper strike or cobra lash on early levels.
You need "chance to poison" and it's added chaos damage or added physical damage to get a chance to poison and to raise the scorpion.

Freezing pulse, Flame wall, Raging Spirits, Dominating Blow, summon vaal skeletons for bosses, Spectres, ball- lightning (higher skillgemlevel), Rolling Magma, Herald of Purity or volatile dead are good attack-skills in early levels.

Some prefer Holy Flame Totem, Storm brand or dominating blow used as main damageskill or Hierophant with totems for faster speedlevelling.

Balormages domblow levelling guide is a bit outdated 3.14, but presents best overview for speedlevelling:

On the defensive site you should choose until transforming to CI / level 68 / getting gear:

1) a guardian skill, immortal call (or steel skin) triggered with cwdt level 1-4, until you get in higher CI levels a big, bis molten shell:

cwdt lvl 1-4 (or cws) - immortal call - enfeeble - increased duration, frostwall lvl 1 or void sphere

2) skills like withering step (on mousebutton 1 autotriggered), taunts of defiance banner, enduring cry, fortify supporting shield charge, grace, tempest shield.

3) recovery like:

Life gain on hit with reckoning and / or riposte, Life on block, amulett the anvil and/ or shield with recovery, see page 50 for tradelinks, Vaal discipline, perhaps Energy shield leech

4) meat shields like summon phantasms-support in HoA links, or skeletons triggered with cwdt

5) Take "holy relic" for continuous regenerations and link in "feeding frenzy" for another damagebuff.

In the spoiler "checklist for defences" are all other important layers of defences ranked.


But never, never forget: take a lot of movementsupports with Quicksilver flasks, flamedash, withering step, phaserun, frostblink etc. and run if you want straight through all acts! The crawler cleans up your path of agony with his unique range of stinging!

Level 40

As long as you don't have a Determination or other granted skills on gear, push increased duration and put in a skillgem Determination. The Armour is most important for ES on block and ES and pdr.
Activate first the aura determination or grace/ vaal grace and third discipline.
Push out out clarity while you don't have a watcher's eye with clarity-mod.

Level skillgems on your weaponswap-slots with key "x". You need later corrupted gems in endgame for "Skin of the Lords"

When you are missing some dexterity or strength attributes required by gear or maximal skilllevels, take a +30 dex/ str passive on the way! Regret them later.

Take some life-passives and minion damage-passives on the way in the passivetree and regret them when you get the cluster-jewels (like Discipline and Training, 6 points gravepact or Spiritual Aid, later Aligned Spirit when you are missing some of the large or medium cluster jewels).
Don't forget 75% elemental resistances and upgrade your flasks and ascendancy in the labs levelling.

(Divergent) Cast when stunned proccs best on high skilllevels. Before on lower gemlevels, cwdt triggers better if you want to optimize.

Use skill "convocation" to get your crawler into proximity shields when you want.

Take in the ascendancies trials labyrinth as your minor Pantheon Soul of Ralakesh for bleeding-immunity when you are unused to the traps or don't use movement-skills.

Use vaal discipline and vaal grace early. You can use also vaal grace without activating the aura and without aul's uprising.

Head soon to 25% poisonchance of "serpentine spellslinger" and increase the damage of your HoA with more virulences and castspeed on gloves.

The build starts getting fast and charming when you get the dagger arakaali's fang. The weapon with a writhing jar-flask should be one of your first upgrades. Take a look into the spoiler "blizzard" to let the spiders dance.

Arakaali's fang requires level 53, the other core items of the build, memory vault and aegis aurora, are best geared together level 68.

As long as you are missing the dagger "Arakaali's fang", use also other minons like cwdt- Skeletons or HoA with phantasms-support to get the allies-ascendancies buffs.

Level 46

You can get claw replica advancing fortress cheap.

Level 50

Get the gloves "The Embalmer" for a cheap 5-link HoA (with integrated vile toxins) cheap.
Get the dagger "heartbreaker" when you want culling strike and some es cheap.

Level 65

Before you get the core-uniques of a CI-managuardian there will be some levels in which it's not easy to balance your defences and substain and damage. Be prepared, don't worry and level on. Don't forget recovery and defensive stats like guided above.

Until entering lategame maps you don't need all jewel-slots of the passivetree and Anointed Flesh and avoidances of elemental ailments are not so important in the lower map-mods.

Clusters: Start first with a clusters with the notable "Uncompromising" to get your determination and also offensives with all auras and 5-6 linked HoA up. Then after let the medium damageclusters with "pure agony" follow. Third and last the large clusters push up beautiful the damage and force of destruction of your swarm.

Wait with "the golden rule"-jewel until you transform to chaos-immunity, you reflect the poison and bleedings to yourself (or try a flasks "of curing" for poison immunity before your CI-immunity). Also insert the jewel "Healthy mind" not before you transformed to Chaos Inoculation.

Passive tree, not CI Level 83, leaguestart with discord artisan, with only some basic clusters:

When you start dying sometimes of chaosdamage, around lvl 70-80, it's your time for the last keynote Chaos Inoculation. Transform into Chaos Immunity/ CI of this build.
You can use all CI-core items of the build with level 68 and should have 60-75% block- and spellblockchance. Activate right now also the keystone "Zealoth's Oath" and change out your lifeflasks, hybridflasks and lifegear and -passives. Take in the golden rule for singletarget virulences and damage, with the memory vault use molten shell now. Welcome into your new life in immunity to chaos!

CI Transformation

With high blockings (above 50-60% block and spellblock), high recovery es/ block on rare shield or Aegis aurora, and high es on other gear (helmet, armour, shield, gloves, boots) you can transform to CI.

You should have activated determination with aegis aurora (or grace with other rare shields), and if possible discipline as auraskills. For that you need "pressure", skill-efficiencies on small clusters, masteries, rings or rare amulet etc.

Vaal discipline is mandatory: you can also use it without discipline against dot and degen, it's your life flask as CI on special bosses in addition to other layers of defences and recoveries.

It depending on your es-gear, recovery-shield, block-stats and auras. OverallI would advice to transform more early and not very late. When you die too often of chaos damage-mobs and bosses, then it's always a good time to transform into immunity.

Changes: CI, Zealoth's oath, life passives to Es passives, life flasks to utility flasks

A cheap anoint for a levelling amulet is aligned spirit (sepia, sepia, violet blightoils) or testudo (clear, sepia, black: attackblock)

Level 85

Whispers of doom could be your last choosen 3 passivepoints lvl 96/ 97 when you find a corruption with a hexcurse on circle of nostalgia or rare gloves, or utmost intellect for more es are nice choices too.



"Circle of Nostalgia" ring and "Charisma" anoint with golden oils are expensive gear in the first days of leaguestart for this build.

As long as you are missing them, take 6 passivepoints for the way to "Pressure" or stack multiple "uncompromising" or "self-control" on small or medium clusters. Or don't activate discipline and use only vaal discipline.
A lot other workarounds for mana are guided in the spoilers "manamanager".

The build works until red t16 with all shown varied rare starting gear and jewels.
It's no problem to reach high maps and endgame without aul's uprising, skin of the lords, golden oils or dagger because your Herald stitches with low effort enough damage.
For all items, jewels, clusters, stats and flasks you find alternatives in the build for each slot.

So the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars are a bit slow, but well balanced leaguestart-build in high defences of the templar guardianskills and in offensives with one of the strongest minion skills working also in starting gear impactfull and tanky.


Starting gear and gear alternatives:

Some Gear can be expensive (see spoiler "contra") like in other builds, but there are alternatives and you want best in slot only around Level 95. Very often gear becomes cheaper after some days after league-start.

Lower budget starting-gear, but almost as strong and optimized gear for Levels 80-98 for example is:

Changes skills:

no fostwall, only one curse on skillgem, maim support instead empower lvl 4, aligned spirit or grave pact for miniondamage in passive tree instead large or medium damage-clusters

You find a spoiler with a lot cheap levelling-gear on page 50.

- Use a normal skin of the loyals as long you are missing the corrupted gems. Or use other cheap skin of the lords or Tabula Rasa.
Lioneye's Vision 5 Links are often extreme cheap. The Coming Calamity, The Perfect Form, Loreweave are good starters too.
For a ranking of skin of the loyals/ skin of the lords/ keynotes: see spoiler "gear, skills, links"---> spoiler "Skin of the Lords"

- For different colours of socket: see spoilers "the dirty scorpion tail" - 4 or 5 correct coloured supports are ordinary around 95% damage and more than enough.

- Cold iron point dagger or a crafted triggerwand are big damagebuffs before arakaali's fang.

- As long as you are missing arakaali's fang with 20 spiders, you can take in skeletons with cwdt or cws or summon phantasms-support in your HoA supports to get the full ascendancy buffs with 5 minions.

- You get a cluster with only 1x pure agony, without cult-leader, often cheap for starting.

- Crafting Clusters is explained on page 50.

- Use /beastcraft a unique flask "Rumi's Concoction " + block, + spellblock, + armour instead the jewel "Blue nightmare" for max spellblock
Or use perhaps Conjured Wall or mystical ward on a cluster or the jewel Replica pure talent for spellblock.

- Use rare or unique gloves with high ES and faster casting (or poison) support. You get one free socket. Or use Vixen's Entrapement - you get ES and 2 curses.

- The ring Circle of Nostalgia is with less mana reservation (and increased poisonchance buff-effect) solely, without added HoA damage, very cheap often and for starting fine.
You can easy work-around the ring with clusters: see spoiler "mana-management"

- Using maim support instead empower support is possible.

- Crown of the Brine king offers armour as helmet-variant

- When you want iron reflexes without skin of the lords the sword "Grelwood Shank" with stationary iron reflexes offers the big armour and substain until you get it on the armour.

- Use rare sulphur, granite, jade, basalt or stibnite flasks instead of bottled faith and soul ripper

- Use rare boots with movementspeed, high ES, resistances and Mana or Windshrieks instead Rainbow stride boots or rare boots with "supports socketed gems with #lvl increased duration"

- Use "astramentis" amulet or, before transforming to CI, The Anvil instead of aul's uprising amulet. A rare amulet with attributes, ES, mana, resistances, stats like spellblock, reduced aurareservations, you can apply an additional curse or +1 dex gems, +1 phys gems or other aul's are very valuable too.

All variants for cheaper gear are in the shoppinglist on page 50.

- Use aligned spirit, grave pact or spiritual aid on tree for miniondamage until you get the clusters with more damage.

- Helmet and Shield are mandatory for the mana-guardian's high defences. Without them take more armour on flasks and more ES-regeneration on shield-alternatives and flasks.

- Some hard to craft rare shields or "Whakatutuki o Matua" with ES on block work fine but have much less ES-regeneration.


It is possible to start into building the managuardian with around 20 - 25 chaos for the dagger, the flask writhing jar, the helmet and shield.

Take a look on page 50 of the thread for a complete list of gear with all poetradelinks:

Examples for tradingprices of gear and ranked order of most important gear:

You find a complete list on page 50 of the thread.

Most important gear is for this build, prices Ritual league 3.13. , online trade only, 2nd cheapest offer, in order most important top of list memory vault, then decreasing:

45 days after league start 3.13

Vaal discipline gem 1 chaos
Vaal grace gem 2 chaos

1) Memory Vault Helmet 3 chaos
2) Aegis aurora shield 4 chaos
3) Arakaali dagger 20 chaos
4) Writhing jar flask, 2 chaos
5) Skin of the lords, iron reflexes, 5 correct socket colours: 45 chaos
6) Aul uprising amulet, grace reserves no mana: 20 chaos
7) The blue nightmare jewel 20 chaos
8) Healthy mind jewel 4 chaos
9) Golden rule jewel 1 chaos
10) Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA 18% reduced mana reservation: 3 chaos
11) Rainbow stride boots: 1 chaos
12) Split personality, mana, int, 2x 3 chaos

Complete: 128 chaos

A lot of gear is missing in this list, but this is a very nice starting gear set-up.

When you want craft cluster jewels yourself, it is guided on page 50. Rare (not uniques) clusters are often, when you craft yourself, only around 1/3 price compared to prices in trading.

Spiders & Scorpions, Agony & Arakaali

This build reaches out to max a long row layers of defenses.

The Arachnophobia Allstars are using a special combination of the managuardiansetup, gear like the helmet memory vault and shield aegis aurora, and their ascendancies like Radiant Faith. The managuardian transforms with auras reserved mana into energyshield and armour. 160% increased global defences (passives and skin of the lords) multiplies this 5.5 k with the aura determination and triples with grace and synergyzes wonderful intensive with the keynote iron reflexes in one team. Then these five components begin to quadruple impressive and lift off total to: 90 % physical damagereduction, 140000 maxgeared armour, 8-10k es and a new top substain of 2800 ES/ on max 75% block and 75% spellblock. It's like drinking every second some lifeflasks and your blockings are never limited. This means, that in combat hits and spellhits heal you nonstop.

/ The head is bald but their neck is longer -
the allstars need two minotauriers
to scratch & relax
their very long necks /

Offensive it's very effective and balanced with it's immortal dreamteam-mix of ranged and melee minions. It's center is the Herald of Agony, and 20 speedful spiders adds a wonderful aggresive style for shining clean screens.

With 20 blinding and knockbacking spiders and a lot millions more more damage with 2 large minion-damage clusters and all medium damage-clusters it reaches millions more of damage than other guardian-minions build. It shines with it's characteristics in offensives and defences in endgame and high content.

We can facetank almost all bosses.

So take your dozen from this build:


0- oneshots
1- the only one tanky tank of tanks
2- 400 es on each block, 260k ehp unbuffed against all damagetypes, 2 curses possible
3- panicskills, 3000 ES-regeneration with Time of Need
4-000 ES/sec frost shield autotriggered, 4000 ES recovery /sec with vaal discipline
5-0 % evasion, 50% dodge and spelldodge 10 seconds for damagepeaks
6-00000 ehp buffed in damagepeaks 10 sec. (with frostshield counted in even much more), 60 % and more damagereductions against ranged attacks
75% block and 75% spellblock, 70% damagereduction of max. and optimized 10000 Molten Shell
8-000 and more energyshield, 80 % permament elemental avoidances and reductions of all elemental ailments not flask-depending, 8 and more millions shaper-damage, 80% cold- and permanent 80% curse-resistance
9-0% physical damagereduction overcapped against big hits, crits and multiple-damage-map-modifications, 90 % additional movementspeed and circa 9000 energyshield
10-000 molten shell, 100 % Chaosresistance, 100 % igniteresistance
11 mill. shaper-damage complete geared and 21 mill. best-in-slot, 110% overcapped allresistances, ready for debuffs, scorch, elemental-degens and -equiliriumed maps
12-0000 armour deluxe, flasked 140000, and 120 to 160 mill. total mappingdamage in maps and high density areas, deliriums, delves, blights, for hardcore 120000 and more energyshield possible

bonus ranged triggered frost walls, blindings to max up dr and ehp and elusive on moving.

Best Allstars-Team with the double damagefractions of ranged and melee minions.
The dream-team of scorpions and spiders!

Dagger: (Awakened) Minion Damage - Withering Touch ? (Awakened) Melee-Splash-Support or Behead support

singletargets like sirus: (Awakened) melee physical damage

Use fast 2? desecrate, 1x writhing jar, 1? frostblink to raise the spiders.
For all tipps take a look into the spoiler "blizzard".

For Sirus, Shaper, Maven change melee-splash to (awakened) melee-damage support, see spoiler "boss-hunting".

This shield is the fixing point of substain: fullgeared you'll get 2800 ES on 75% block and 75 % spellblock. This can work 10x and more each second. Blocking is not limited and heals you unlimited.

Shield (+ eventually rare unset ring) Skillgem Determination (or Determination skill on shield granted) - Desecrate - (Divergent) frostblink ( / or Ice Nova and withering step) - (Divergent) Clarity

You have to search poetrade for shield aegis aurora with: " 'implicit' grants # lvl skill determination" or "# % chance to block spell damage" (see page 50). It is not easy to find. With #% chance to block spell damage on shield aegis aurora switch in rare boots with integrated increased duration and switch out the skillgem increased duration. Other skills on corrupted gear which grants a skill without use of a gemslot are as good too. You can harvestcraft or corrupt the shield yourself. 18 ways for free skillslots are shown in the spoiler "skillmanager" below.

Important: Put in a skillgem Determination when you don't find a Determination-Corruption or other skills granted on gear, push out frost wall or increased duration.
The Armour is most important for ES on block and ES and pdr.

Clarity is only necessary when you use a Watcher Eye with the increased energy shield while affected by clarity- mod. When you have a watcher's eye without clarity, use this socket for another skill. You have enough manaregeneration without clarity.

Body Armour: Herald of Agony | Awakened Minion Damage | Damage on Full Life | Empower lvl 4 | Pierce | Awakened Vicious Projectile

All Gems have to be corrupted! Max Herald of Agony Lvl 21 and empower lvl 4 raises damage much.

This is the best balanced combination of supports.

Poison & ball-lightnings raises the crawler, see "gloves" and jewel "the golden rule" for infos about virulences.

Also 4 or 5 correct socket colours are enough with 95% - 108% damage, you need perhaps only a bit more or less mana or loose 5% damage: Scroll deep down to "the dirty scorpion tail" to take a look for a lot other socket - colours.

Different special setups like the mass-summoner-mix (phantasms-support) or the pack of purity (HoP) and the boss-hunter-edition (vile toxins or predator) are guided in the variants of the build!

For different armours with other Skin of the Lords and Loyals and for cheap starters take a look in the following spoiler "Skin of the Lords - Iron Reflexes" and into "Tipps for starting, levelling and gearing" to choose easy your armour and colours.

Skin of the Lords ? Iron Reflexes

Variants and Rankings of other keynotes
Phase acrobatics, Wind dancer
Skin of the Loyal
High Armour 140000:


You want more?

2 Circles of Nostalgia, Manamanagement

Circle of Nostalgia is very important for your mana. You also need somewhere added chaos damage for a chance to poison on hit with your ball-lightnings to raise the scorpion with virulences and get this also with this ring.

This ring will manage your mana reservation (see all 8 steps 1) to 8) in the spoiler "manamanagement" and "additional mana-reductions") for the herald. You need a minimum of 1) 20% reduced manareservation on the ring (or use more tipps of the spoiler "manamanagement")

The best corruptions on the ring are stats like "Curse with # lvl vulnerability on hit" and / or "chance to avoid elemental ailments".


Anomalous ball-lightnings - storm brand - poison chance support - gmp - faster casting integrated in rare gloves

Cast ball-lightnings, when you want to move in boss-fights cast storm brands also.

/ or inverse: Cast some storm brands. When you want more damage or on bosses cast ball-lightnings too.

Virulences while moving

This set-up is recommended for bosses like Maven and UE, fast mapping and speedlevelling. You stack around 30 virulences solely with storm brand also while moving and 60 combined with ball-lightnings.

For better continuous maximal virulence-stacks "faster casting" integrated in rare gloves build up the stacks faster and integrated "slower projectiles" keep the balls longer on the screen for your own possible smoother moving.

On gloves you can also fit in one implicit curse on hit like enfeeble for level 98-100 or vulnerability or integrated blindings.

Active playstyle spell echo for more cast speed and faster stacking virulences:
(Anomalous) Ball Lightning - Poison chance support - (Anomalous) Spell Echo ? Greater Multiple Projectiles

Melee playstyle

Helmet: (Divergent) Cast when stunned (lvl 20) - Spirit Offering ? Frost Shield (lvl 21) ? Sniper's Mark (Bossing) / defensive: Frostwall (lvl 1) (Delve and Heist)

More layers of defense and a lot of damage. Sniper's Mark also helps filling up the charges of writhing jar in long boss fights like Sirus.

The added frostshield is often tankier than the fortify-support for melees (from 30 % up to 60% ranged damagereduction and additional chill-effect).

You can vary your cws-skills with frost wall (against ranged attacks), skeletons or golems (as meat shields), void sphere (interruptions & virulences), sigil of power (lvl 1, 10% stationary damagereduction) etc.

Best helmet-enchants are:

1.) Singletarget: 30% less manareservations-enchantments for Herald of Agony, Determination or Discipline, with them you can use more easy high manamultipliers for your crawler of agony

2.) Mapping: herald of agony fires additional projectiles ? it's like a LMP-support and best for clean screens

Please take a look on page 50 of the thread to take this helmet enchant in your setup for blight-maps or when you delve much.

This "memory vault" helmet interacts quadruple. Your 5500 reserved mana is multiplied as armour with your increased global defences of your body armour, the armourkeynote "iron reflexes", your ascendancy and your shield to win managuardian's top-defences. You will get total around: 140000 armour, 90% pdr, 2800 ES / on each block and spellblock. This results with your auras, skills and other defences in top 600k ehp against all types of damage.

Boots: Molten Shell - Increased Duration / Withering Step (lvl 21) - (Anamalous) Vaal Discipline ? Vaal Grace - Socketed gems are supported by #lvl Increased duration

Vaal Discipline is our immortal-mode because of our high ES-Recovery and Vaal Grace is the back-up when all other skills are on cooldown.

Best boot enchants are movementspeed and stun avoidances.

Belt, Boots and belt-jewel
Free stats and suffixes

Energyshield and mana are best and they are multiplied high with the ascendancy and passives of the tree. Of course take first missing elemental resistances to cap 75% and you need around +40 dex on rare boots or rare gloves or on belt or on rare unset ring. You should count in endgame 7000-9000 energyshield and around 5500 mana.

Stats like minion chance to blind, corrupted-blood-immunity or 1% less skill reservations are on belt jewel best or a final 2% spellblock-procc.

Level of gems

To reduce mana for active skills limit ball lightning, desecrate and clarity to Lvl 1, quality 20.

When you are missing some strength, limit molten shell to lvl 19. The 75% damagereduction of full 10000 shell remains.

When you use frostwall in the defensive setup, limit it to lvl 1, quality 0

Maximal gemlevel 21 is very useful on: Herald of Agony, Frost Shield, Withering Step, Sniper's mark and take max lvl 4 empower.

1 empower-support lvl is around big 20% multiplier for HoA.
HoA lvl 21 is around 10%.

Alternate Skillgem Qualities

When you max out your build, these alternate gemqualities offer best increasements:

Divergent Herald of Agony adds 20% increased chance to poison. When you get this gem level 21 you can regret 2 of 3 passive points of serpentine spellslinger.

Anomalous ball-lightning and anomalous spellecho offer more cast speed, they are perfect for virulences single target.

Divergent cast when stunned: Increased chance to trigger

Divergent Frostshield offers 30% damagereduction inside the chilled shieldarea - that is top when you have low es under 7500.
Above 8000 es I instead advice to a lvl 21 ordinary frostshield with lower 20% dr, but more total damage taken.

Anomalous Withering Step (Lvl21): more withers

Divergent Sniper's mark (lvl 21) - knockbacks
Divergent Clarity - a bit damage
Anamalous Vaal Discipline - a bit damage
Anamalous Vaal Grace - a bit ailments avoidance
Divergent Determination - a bit evasion/ with iron reflexes a bit armour

Other alternate qualities possibilities:

- For very high density content like delve or blight an "Anamalous Pierce" for HoA is a option with a bit less damage but 6 ? pierced targets or divergent pierce support with pierced projectiles deal 40% increased damage.

For different variants of this build visit page 50 of the thread for more alternate gemqualities.

Upgrades with catalysts

You should upgrade your belt for overcapped elemental resistances against debuffs with resistance catalysts and aul's uprising amulett and circle of nostalgia with attribute catalysts for needed dex and str.

Corruptions and Curses on Gloves and Ring

Search for a Corrupted/ Implicit Ring or corrupted gloves: Curses with Vulnerability or enfeeble on hit (with whispers of doom in your last levels 96-100).

When you don't find curse-corruptions also only one curse, sniper's mark for bosses, is fine and you have 3 free passive points instead "whispers of doom".

All poe-trade-links

All poe-trade-links are complete listed and ranked on page 50:


The Allstars use all sockets of their gear and more implicits corruptions for determination and for curses on hit. When you are not fullgeared and are missing some hard to find or craft endgame gear, you will need free sockets for all your skills.

Here in this skillslot-minigame all fast changeable possibilities are listed and ranked to manage your skills and sockets for determination, sniper's mark or other skills when you need a free skillslot. Take one or two for your prefered setup and depending on your gear, prefered movementskill, clusters and build-edition from 14 ways:

1) push out frostwall

2) push out increased duration

3) use storm brand or ball-lightnings to raise spiders, push out frostblink

4) get determination as implicit corruption on shield aegis aurora, push out determination skill gem

5) get #% chance to block spell damage on implicit corruption on shield aegis aurora or on the jewel "replica pure talent" or on watcher's eye with discipline-spellblock-mod - switch in rare boots with integrated increased duration (and high es and movement) - switch out skillgem increased duration

6) use an unset ring (with high es and perhaps dex), push out one circel of nostalgia and finetune your mana with "manamanager"

7) get "support socketed gems with faster casting" integrated in rare gloves (and also slower projectiles for 60 virulences), push out spell-echo / storm brand gem

8) Push out greater multiple projectiles support.
When you want, compensate with the flask "dying sun"

9) get increased duration integrated in rare boots, spellblock on clusters, push out skill gem

10) Use a quicksilver-flask, push out movementskill

11) Use will shaper, openess, stalwaart commander or other energyshield-notables on clusters and/ or the jewel unnatural instinct next to pain attunement, use watcher's eye with other strong mods like es/ hit or crit-reductions etc. (or switch it out) and push out clarity gem

12) Use boots "stampede" or gloves "breathstealer", anoint them like in 12) or with unnatural calm, then follow 9) or 12)

13) Feed a hungry loop-ring with chance to poison - faster casting - spell echo - gmp for 4 (!) free skills and use only ball-lightnings

Flasks and Sulphur

We need urgent mandatory one flask with stop- and antibleeding and one with anti-curse! Versus corrupted-blood try take also permament immunity on a jewel's implicit. A +1500 Evasion jadeflask is best to raise armour and es/block when you have iron reflexes. With phase acrobatics for example take +1500 Armour graniteflask instead! With iron reflexes best is 1x jade combinated with 1x granite-flask.

It's recommended to use another added basalt flask +20% more armour to increase armour and es/ block much further.

Take in an anti-curse suffix on one flask.

Flask-prefix 'Flagellant's' "gain 1 charge when you are hit by an enemy" is the best or 'Surgeon's' "20% chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike" only when you have much evasion without iron reflexes. They are mandatory and b-i-s for enough charges in long-boss-fights.

Use instilling orbs and crafting bench on your flasks to autotrigger your anti-freezes and anti-bleedings.

Use Enkindling Orbs to buff effects of flasks like bottled faith.

Rare new stibnite flasks offers around xxx armour with keynote iron reflexes.

You can only benefit from 1x + 1500 armour on 1 granite flask and only 1x #% increased ar suffix. Don't take 2x the same type of flasks.

1 flasks of writhing jar is reserved to raise 20 spiders. Take a look at the spoiler "blizzard" to let them dance.

Take a aquamarine or sapphire-flask with anti-freeze-suffix against Sirus, Shaper, Maven, Hydra or Redeemer with their freezing-attacks, best autotriggered crafted (when you don't use a lot of anti-ailments-stats on gear or hibernator on a cluster)

A quicksilver-flask is very effective with more movementspeed.

Bottled Faith is the headhunter for tanks. I don't mean the fine 10% more damage, I mean the killing physical degenerations-damages our 120000 armour don't work against. Here we need Energyshield- Regeneration. Take a sulphur flask. Take the optimal Bottled Faith, you will not miss the consecrated ground because it has this big and beautifull increased area. BiS. 6% with this expensive endgame-gear.

Before getting a Bottled faith you can use a rare sulphur flask with smaller desecrated ground for es-regeneration if you want to. Often vaal discipline and time of need offer enough sources of es-regeneration.

Soul Ripper offers the possibility to use a lot more often the vaal skills beside dodge and phasing. You get vaal discipline with a regeneration of 3400 ES/sec on almost each mob and double times in the boss arena and also vaal grace's 35% all dodges as almost immortal mod more often.
So it's a great alternative for mapping. Consumes 50 charges is optimal, so you can combine soul and flask rechargerate for optimal use of 2 vaal skills. (Don't take "consumes 49 charges on use" or less: they are not enough to fill the 50 souls of one vaal skill. Take only -10 - +20 to maximal charges. Best is "consumes 50-80 charges on use" for mapping.)

Alternative flasks:

On maps with the No-Mana-Recovery-Mod you have to take in an enduring-mana bottle and must map slow. I personally prefer to reroll this mapmod. All other mapmods are fitting fine for the Arachnophobiatics.

Alternative flasks for knockback & chance to flee, missing spellblock, Anti-Chain-Freeze, blind:

Kiara's Determination is a nice cocktail of ailments-avoidances for levelling.

Lion's Roar is fine to get the mobs out of your frostshield and to get full 60% damagereduction of your cleaned up shield.

Rumi's concoction is recommended when you are missing too much spellblock on jewels and gear.

When you nowhere have chance to blind on minions, clusters, gear, watcher's eye, take in a stibnite flask with blinding smoke clouds to double your molten shell and your frostshield capacities.